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I'm Secretly On Your Side

"Where are you dragging me? Haven't you ever heard of a whispered aside?" I love that, the queen of the stage whisper. Every whispered aside Blair has ever issued was meant for and transmitted to eight other people. Jenny shakes her down for the real reason Jonathan left Eric, because apparently Eric did something fucked up at Cotillion that should have also ruined Jenny's relationship with him. If you remember, it meant blackmailing hot-as-hell twink guy to be the bitter fat-faced girl's escort, rather than Jenny's, in response to which Jenny executed a perfect maneuver anyway so it didn't even matter. For some reason Jenny falls apart when Blair explains this to her, which explains all that awkward dialogue when Jenny kept yelling, "I know it was Blair that did this! Blair did this whole thing for some flaky ill-defined reason!"

"By the way, how do you find having a sibling? Someone whose sole purpose on Earth is to compete for your parents' love and attention?" And on that brilliant, so-very-Blair-Bear line, the song starts, and Jenny stares, and Rufus calls everybody to the table so that the awesomeness can unfold right up in your face.

What's interesting about this song -- "Whatcha Say," by Jason DerĂ¼lo -- is not the song itself (which is pretty standard fare: Take somebody else's great song, chop it to hell, find some good beats, use it to make your substandard song sound like a song) but of course that the hook/point of the song comes from Imogen Heap's "Hide & Seek," which connects us to the time Marissa shot Ryan's brother, and the fact that besides being my total favorite, Imogen Heap had a really intense relationship with The O.C.. "Goodnight & Go," a very pretty song about stalking, was also important on that show, and in fact one of my favorite Heap songs, "Just For Now," was written for an O.C. holiday episode, but ended up too dark for the scene, from what I understand, and was on her first album with the other two. It would always have fit much better with GG, but that was a long time ago and we didn't even have this show in those days, if you can imagine that.

But so the "Just For Now" song is a lot like this amazing scene here: The lyrics are a collection of snippets of dialogue around the Christmas table, ranging from openly vicious to self-conscious, alternating with this sort of interior monologue about how you can actually get through a family occasion without going insane if you just remember to do so. And again and again, the line "I'm secretly on your side," which: I don't know a better or more inclusive definition (translation?) for the word family than that:

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