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Dorota comes back to clean up PRADA and the first piece of trash she finds is Maureen van der Bilt, who has come out of hiding somewhere in the apartment in order to "find her coat," and she says to thank Lily and Rufus and lie to them that everything was wonderful, which Dorota lies and says she will do, and Maureen gets into the elevator and feels sort of lonely and sort of excited about destroying her husband's entire life, but in the pocket of her jacket she finds THE LETTER and opens it up and as she reads she literally begins to shine with evil. It grows brighter and brighter and she looks right out at you, into your heart, with the beatific smile of somebody who may soon break Serena's record of destruction, and I take back everything I ever said about her lazy-eye acting, because it turns out she was just being nice, because when Maureen looks right at you, you are fucked on the soul level.

Next week, the last until March (!): Serena and Tripp have a lovenest, but Maureen is in league with the Devil, and maybe Chuck is haunted by a ghost, and Nate punches somebody, and (I'm guessing on the anniversary of Bart's death) there is another serious car accident, and if you ever wondered if it was possible to still look glamorous with a head injury, Serena will answer that one for you definitively.

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