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Black and white Blair's asleep in a noir universe with '50s music playing, under Chuck's painting. She's wearing that Matthew Williamson dress this show is so damned fond of. Three Matrix guys, hotel employees, come into the bedroom, and she screams and they they're acting on "boss's orders," and then manhandle her out of the room while she screams Chuck's name. A second later, Chuck comes running into the room and finds the dress in a pile, and screams "NOOOO!" It's all very dramatic, and of course it's Chuck's noir dream, because he is also a crazy person like Blair and now we have proof. He wakes up screaming, only to remember that the nightmare is all too real. Meanwhile Blair is in bed at Chez Waldorf, all alone and sad.

Chuckles comes out looking for booze, but the Blondes have apparently hidden all the liquor and will now cure him very seriously with this thing they've discovered called coffee. Chuck, looking at your chest hair is like a whiff of Tom Ford's taint. Shut it down. He's wearing black pajamas because everything is so sad, and the Twinsies are all about how he needs to stop moping and make up with Blair, and he's so bored of them and they're so boring and it's so clear they don't really care about any of this that he just goes downstairs to get some booze from the hotel he owns that they're all running around in their pajamas all the time, because these people are all alcoholics with too much downtime and their parents are even more poorly behaved than they are.

Denied, the Twinsies stare at each other for a while and try to remember what is happening, and then S sends Nate off to bother Blair while she has "breakfast with the Humphreys," which is code for "something stupid that Nate could care less about, but matters only because Serena lies constantly for no actual reason."

Meanwhile, Chez Waldorf, Dorota's yelling something in her racist language that's really getting on Eleanor's nerves. (Understandable. Especially since the screaming and hanging up makes no sense with what follows.) Cyrus's equanimity, though, is unbothered, because apparently he's had a stroke or did a huge rail that causes him to scream everything he says with a giant grin and act like everything that happens is the most exciting goddamn thing that's ever happened. What's going on is that annoying Dorota's annoying mysterious parents are coming to New York, and she hasn't married Vanya, even though from here you can see that she is clearly eleven months pregnant.

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