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Perfect From Now On

Lily drinks wine at her now-empty table, as the song begins to play in earnest, begging someone, anyone, everyone, to just be loved, to lay down the armor and give in, rest there: "You just end up all tangled in your own lies..."

Your heart's a mess

Rufus comes home, all alone, defeated. (You won't admit to it...) The kids are at the table playing cards, looking up at him excitedly, asking questions. He has no answers. (I'm desperate to connect...) He slides the ugly ring across the table to them, asking them to return it. (You can't live like this...) They stare as he slumps across the floor, and the camera pushes in on their shocked faces. It's a real moment, this: the way the song plays across the little tiny scenes, the camera pushing in at them, catching them in a moment.

Blair, Chuck and Nate stand at three different elevations on the police station steps as the camera swoops in at all of them, GG speaking over it all: "And the more you twist, the tighter the trap..." Chuck calls his PI ("I need you to dig up what dirt you can on the officers of the 55th Precinct..."), Nate calls in a personal favor with the department, Blair scares the shit out of two cops on the steps, explaining that the bracelet's been in the family for generations.

Your heart's a mess/ You won't admit to it
It makes no sense
But I'm desperate to connect
And you can't live like this

And inside the station, as GG laughs ("Until you're trapped in a prison of your own making. Smile for the camera, S!"), Serena stands for her mugshots: unbearably moody, with the camera lighting her up like a Page Six girl, against a black background. For a moment it's a Hernandez comic book, black walls and a spotlight, with beautiful tired Serena in the middle, flash bulbs in the dark, name on her chest, trying to be a grownup, caught in a web of coincidence and inconvenience, lit up by sparks in the darkness that fade too quickly, stuck between Perfect From Now On and the chains of reputation: between kindness and petty vengeance. Just like everybody else.

Next week: I don't really care about anything, because I'm finally getting the Dick I've been craving for so long.

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