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Shorty you're the hottest, love the way you drop it
Your brain's so good I could have sworn you went to college...

The song continues over Serena and Blair's entrance into Cotillion, arms linked, looking for Nate and Chuck to congratulate and then eviscerate; suddenly an announcement is made: "Due to extenuating circumstances, we have one last debutante..." Jennifer Tallulah takes the stage again, and the handmaidens freak out -- "Nobody walks alone!" -- and Nate appears, as her escort. We are informed that not only is Nate a "college guy," but also "epic," and there is unending applause, and Blair's jaw drops, and Eric/Kira/Graham are kind of disappointed. Well, Eric and Kira are. Graham sort of stands there with his clothes on. Serena laughs -- "Found Nate!" -- and Eric takes off. There's a great grin on Jenny's face as GG once again warbuxes herself into insane blather: "Oh E, you tried to play dirty at the dance but you should know nobody puts Jenny in the corner and now she's having the time of her life."

Too soon, GG. Too soon, and too weird. "I Am Down" starts playing, as we practiced before, and Jenny thanks Nate for saving her yet again, and then Jenny's a little afraid as Serena and Blair approach, but Blair's grinning: "I gotta say, I didn't see that one coming." Jenny smiles gracefully and says she learned from the best, which is all Blair ever wanted to hear. She calms down like whoa, with Serena by her side, and they inform her that the other Queens want to pay their respects. Serena's sweet as they send her off, and Blair asks if S wants to go get something to eat, because now she can eat, and S says she wants to go to the HQ and resign, which makes Blair nervous but ultimately proud.

You thought it might be okay
Between you and him
Between me and you
You felt it might be better to change your life
But not tonight

Eric runs up to extraneous Jonathan in his civvies, all excited about the spectacle and thanking him for coming back, but Jonathan is in a place. "I didn't come here because of Jenny. Were you serious on your message? Have you really been scheming with Blair?" Eric admits that this technically is true, and Jonathan informs him that he has officially "sunk to Jenny's level," which is big talk from the guy who cheated on Eric with the swim team, but whatever, Eric points out that he was doing it to help Jenny, which never saves your ass on this show and also never works out. Which he also notes.

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