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There are three threesomes here, all intended to put something back together. Chuck sets up a liaison with Blair and Serena so they'll kiss and make up. Olivia sets up a threesome with Dan and Vanessa in order to put herself back together and figure out what a "real" girl does. Eric and Jonathan pull Jenny into their shit in order to break the tie, which has to happen because Eric can't survive in a house divided, and because he loves Jenny. And in all three cases, you're exposed to a really scary sort of void where your dreams can come true, and you can have everything you want as long as you're able to ask for it. Forgiveness, usually, or an excuse to finally taste something you've always been curious about: You can have whatever you like.

Jonathan gets madder and madder and tells Eric that Jenny is not worth their time, this bullshit is not worth his time, and he is breaking up with Eric -- but not after Eric goes ten tons of Rhodes on him, swearing to cover the whole thing up and forget it ever happened and completely evict Jenny from his life and whatever, whatever, whatever it takes to make Jonathan stay, because he knows what's coming, and he knows you can Rhodes your way through anything, and that's the only thing he knows how to do: I'll be good, I'll be good, I'll be good. But it doesn't help.

"It's not about Jenny. It's about who you've become. I liked you because you were different from everyone else. You were smart, and you knew who you were. You didn't need to prove anything to anyone. And now?" Eric literally rocks backward on his heels; the thing that makes you awesome is the thing that makes you suck. Jonathan leaves, sadly, and Eric stares at nothing at all.

I want to figure it out before it's too late
Before you find out how you really feel

Blair admonishes Chuck for pulling the trigger on her Serena threesome -- "You were the one who said to restrict our scheming to outsiders!" -- and Chuck points out that it was desperate times. But not because she was being unmanageable, or hurting people, or going nuts: Because of the Audrey. Because she was scaring him. He gets horny on her and she says his punishment will be an evening without her, because she needs to be with S. "Oh, and if you ever loan out my lingerie again?" She kisses him sweetly. "...I just hope you like me in flannel."

You never wanted to admit that you were crazy for him
I'm down tonight, I am down tonight, I am down tonight
...I am down tonight because of you

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