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Serena: "No, me! I forgot entirely about Charlie Trout."
Nate: "I have the whole thing, like, memorized. But listen, if you're thinking of turning back into Sabrina I'd like to remind you that you have literally done that seven times and every time you end up even closer to death."
Serena: "You're insightful, but I got a powerful lot of holes in me."

Nate: "Also, you were about to be engaged less than twenty-four hours ago. You had butterflies in your tummy saying sure whatever. Are you telling me the turnover is really that fast?"
Serena: "Nate I literally can't remember why I walked in here just now. You think I'm really gonna be pining after Barry Watson at this point? That could have been ten years ago, for all the effect it has on me."
Nate: "Okay, how about Dan Humphrey is a dick?"
Serena: "Well, that's true. He is a selfish egomaniac who sold us all out and continues to sell us all out for money and attention and face. He is certainly pathetic. I'll give you that. But..."
Dan: "-- Fine. Here are some stupid strawberries I bought. And fuck all of you."
Serena: "Dan, wait! I said but! There was a but!"

Nate: "Jesus, those two. Anyway, I guess this art search is a bust."
Chuck: "Maybe they're putting the art in question up for auction? Maybe they took the horses as money for oil and now they're going to turn the horses into art and use that art to buy cigars, or something."
Nate: "The rainbow woman is gone. The rainbow woman is gone!"

And so it is.


Lily: "Oh, my Richard Phillips rainbow woman has arrived, fresh from my house."
Rufus: "That's pretty intense just to strike back at our needless, petty bullshit."
Lily: "It's true, I do love the rainbow woman. But not as much as I hate everybody."
(Famous Art People do Famous Art Stuff, for a while. It's nice.)
Lily: "Rufus, I'd like you to meet Spencer Sweeney, Patrick McMullan, and Fab Five Freddy."
Rufus: "Sure, yeah. Nice to meet you guys."

The art auction begins, complete with Ivy Dickens -- looking like raw, greasy scrote, I should remind you -- whispering bitchy shit to Lily about her age, because that's the kind of show we're suddenly watching.

Lily: "Listen, you vile little interloper, you and Rufus may have rubbed your last two nickels together to replace my art, but the only people that you're making fools of are yourselves."

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