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The World Was A Mess, But His Hair Was Perfect


Blair: "Serena! I need a drink! Louis has been giving Sophie everything just because they are a royal family with traditions that go back hundreds of years and Sophie's cautiously allowed me to marry him with plenty of reservations which should make us both act right. He is up his mother's sweater more than Italians get. Meanwhile, my hair throughout the first half of this episode looks like I just ran a marathon. I'm afraid Vanessa put a hex on me."
Serena: "Your one-liners are kinda first-drafty in this episode. I guess you really are off your game. So, Real Talk. Finding a balance between your mother and your fiancé has gotta be tough. I'm sure he's just trying to keep the peace the best he can. Say Yes. Yes to the dress. Yes to everything. Chuck has shown me the way."
Blair: "Stop being so rational, I called you because you are my insane best friend. Also, they want me to be in French Vogue Paris, for Chrissake. Monsters!"
Serena: "Yes. Say it."
Blair: "I..."
Serena: "Logistics have become my forte, so listen. If you wear the dress for Vogue Paris, she'll have a picture of you doing what she wants. Then you can leverage that when you decide on the dress you'll actually be getting married in. Done."
Blair: "There is a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you. Please come home and talk me down from the other eighty-seven ledges of my life."
Serena: "I have to Be Places. Call you later? XOXO."

Dorota: "Miss Blair, did you know we are both pregnant? Gossip Girl does."
Blair: Flicks her in the left eye with a dinner napkin and sends her on her way.


Serena: "Could you tell Jane I need to say Yes to her? Say Yes."
Underling: "I don't know who you are, but you've cast a spell over my mind. Yes."
Marcus: "I don't remember telling you that you could bring friends to this set, or breathe oxygen on this set, or say Yes on this set, or snickersnee bloo-blah."
Serena: "Yesssssss."
Montagne: "My grandfather is Atticus Finch! I will have you arrested!"
But wait.
Marshall: "Who are these beguiling tiny sex-goblins you've brought? One is shiny like a well-fed puppy and the other one is broody and smells like balls. But in a good way, like a Tom Ford way."
Team Blonde: "This is Chuck Bass."
Chuck Bass: Giggles disarmingly.

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