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Matsing. Malcolm and Denise return from Tribal Council after voting out Russell. Malcolm interviews that he didn't think he'd be on a tribe of two until Day 39, and that they don't know what to expect next. As they settle in to sleep, Malcolm and Denise try to get warm and also speculate on the future. They figure each of them will go to one tribe, although there might also be a general tribal mix-up. Malcolm advises us not to count them out just yet. I won't, Malcolm! I like those two, although it could be because they've been shown in the episodes more than just about anyone else.

The next morning, Malcolm and Denise wake up soaking wet, shooing away mosquitoes. They agree that something needs to change or they're not going to make it much longer; they don't even have a tarp. Denise finds Tree Mail (remember Tree Mail? Is this its first appearance this season?) that invites them to a Reward Challenge today, which sort of implies that Matsing will be absorbed into the other two tribes, since they have only been doing one challenge as long as they've had three tribes.

Denise and Malcolm realize that they need to find the Idol, even though they don't have the clue. After scrambling around for a bit, they talk about what's always been there since obviously the clue was planted before they arrived at their camp. Denise notes that the rice was there when they arrived and they start digging through the rice while viewers at home curse on their couches and go, "NO! The lid! The lid to the thing!" Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, Denise tries looking under the rice basket and finally Malcolm takes the machete and pries off the Idol. He and Denise are giddy at having found it. Denise interviews that this is great if they go to the same tribe, but if they are split, Malcolm will be keeping the Idol and Denise is kind of screwed.

The three tribes report for the Reward Challenge. Probst asks Lisa a leading question about whether they are a decimated tribe or two people who have survived and then tells Malcolm and Denise to drop their buffs because Matsing is done. Probst tosses Malcolm a pouch and tells them to each pull out a buff to determine which person will go to which tribe. Malcolm is going to Tandang and Denise is going to Kalabaw. So that's that.

The Reward Challenge involves squaring off one-on-one against an opponent while holding a small platform with an idol on it in one hand. First one to knock the other's idol off wins a point and the first team to five points wins reward. The reward is coffee, tea, biscuits and cookies. It looks pretty yummy and I just ate lunch. If I were starving, I might cry.

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