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Lies and Lying Liars

Mike sizes up the situation. Bello is burning the hit man and monologue about the smell of charred human flesh. The hit man finally tells him he was sent as a message: the Caza cartel wants Bello to end his relationship with Odin and come back to them and all will be forgiven. Bello isn't so sure that's true, as "messages" don't generally need to be delivered by murdering half a dozen people.

The hit man spits at Bello and curses him in Spanish. He says it doesn't matter what Bello does to him now, since his hand is pretty well ruined from all the burnin-ating. Bello grabs a machete and hacks off the guy's hand. Mike tries not to vomit everywhere, then takes off his belt and makes a tourniquet for the man's arm. He tells Bello they'll need to get the man medical attention or he'll bleed to death. He suggests that sending the messenger back to Caza—alive—sends the message that Bello isn't afraid.

Mike sticks the stump of the man's wrist in the bowl of melted metal that Bello was using to burn him, cauterizing the wound. This revives the guy pretty effectively, and Mike tells him to deliver their message, that Bello isn't afraid of them, to the cartel. The man says in Spanish that they're already dead, and the Key Man is going to get them. Bello's men toss the hit man out, and Bello grins and tells Mike, "In a different life we could've been doctors." Uh, sure. Terrible, murderous, drug-dealing doctors.

On the beach: Charlie and Briggs discuss Mike. He's happy with what Mike learned, that Caza is attacking Bello, strengthening their case against the cartel, but Charlie's disgusted with Briggs's tactics. Mike joins them and Charlie mothers him a little bit. She goes to the house and Briggs asks Mike if he's really okay. Mike's numb. He asks Briggs if the plan was really to get Odin, or if Briggs is doing this to get to the Key Man, who's the one who tortured him and got him addicted to heroin. Briggs brushes this off, telling Mike he's in shock, but Mike doesn't buy it.

Abby's apartment: She comes home and hears the shower running. Mike comes out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She asks why he smells like a barbecue—he still reeks of the Caza hit man's charred flesh. Lovely detail there, show. He lies that they had a cookout at work. She can tell something's wrong and asks what it is. As he did after witnessing Eddie's up-close-and-gory death, Mike just wants to drown his feelings in sex, but he talks a little: he obliquely says people keep getting hurt, and he's partly responsible. She tells him he should do what he can to fix it, and he realizes she's also hurt by his secrecy. He assures her he's not seeing anyone else, and invites her back to Graceland, breaking the no-civilians-upstairs rule.

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