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Lies and Lying Liars

Charlie is telling Johnny and Jakes, who are still staking out the gym, what Mike's been up to lately. Johnny is stunned and impressed. Charlie borrows Johnny, which Jakes is all too happy about, for a mission to check on Briggs. Johnny is thrilled, because he's also worried about him. She's suspicious about how the wire in Briggs's watch went out that day on the pier, and about how he got the heroin he shot her up with. Johnny thinks her suspicions are crazy, but he eventually acquiesces.

Ratty apartment: Briggs lights a candle, then unrolls a set of works and just sits there, tapping his spoon and staring at the flame. Charlie picks the lock on the apartment door.

Mike brings Abby to Graceland. She's stunned by the set decorator's enthusiastically over-the-top work, and describes it, accurately, as "like walking into Anthropologie." She asks if she can see his room, and he's had second thoughts about letting her upstairs. But he does, escorting her into his room. He has to hastily throw her jacket over a handgun he left out on the dresser. You'd think federal agents might be a bit savvier about things like, I don't know, gun safes.

Johnny and Charlie don't find Briggs in the kitchen, but they do find all the paraphernalia on the table. The light's on in the bathroom but nobody's there. They go to the closet in the bedroom, which Briggs left unlocked. (When Charlie was staying in the apartment, she kept trying to jimmy open the locked door, out of junkie jitters or just plaid-old federal agent nosiness.) Briggs is hiding in the secret room o' drugs and can hear when Johnny tells Charlie they found nothing that implicates Briggs, just a small amount of heroin, exactly what a junkie CI might have.

Abby tries to psychoanalyze Mike based on his barely decorated room and says she doesn't like to get attached to temporary people. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and while he's in there, she sees his grandfather's crime scene photo. She opens the bedroom door and sees Paige at the end of the hall cocking a gun. Abby goes back into Mike's room. Paige—who is dressed like Green Arrow's crackhead stripper sidekick—knocks and comes in, apologizing to Abby about the gun and blaming it on her fretful dad. She pulls Mike away to read him the riot act. She says she'll cover for him, but he needs to get Abby out of the house.

Abby picks up her jacket and sees the gun. She asks who Mike is; she feels like she doesn't know, because he's always giving her vague answers and half truths. Upset, she refuses to let him drive her home and kisses him good-bye with finality.

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