Goodbye High

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Who Is Odin Soze?

Briggs and Mike are playing catch in the living room, like no one ever yelled at them when they were small boys. Mike insists they need to arrest Bello now before his compromised drugs kill someone. Briggs says they still don't have enough evidence, because I guess a federal agent's eyewitness testimony isn't worth the spit you can collect in one hand? He wants to take down the whole organization—it sounds like he's holding out for the whole Caza cartel. Charlie comes home and relates some of the Odin Rossi fables she heard. Mike bitches about his Bello problem, and Briggs says he has a great idea to solve everyone's problem: they'll use Bello to draw Odin out.

Bello's warehouse. He tells Mike he agrees with Mike's assessment from the other day: it was weak to cut the drugs, so they're going to rob some corner dealers on a wide scale to supplement their stock. Mike says instead maybe Bello should look for a new supplier—like this dude Rossi. Bello likes this idea. Briggs meets with the three dealers Charlie spoke with earlier and asks each of them to get a message to Rossi.

Graceland. Paige is telling Mike how to look like a junkie when he's undercover; grubby fingertips are essential. Johnny picks up a dossier for one of Jakes's potential new CIs and they gossip about a guy named Frank the Tank who got himself stabbed to death. Briggs comes home and says he's set up a meet with Bello and Odin the next day. Charlie wants to thank Briggs for covering for her recently, but Briggs doesn't want to talk about it. He's prefer she keep the whole and-now-I've-done-heroin thing under her hat. Charlie snaps that they don't keep secrets in the house and Briggs is all, OKAY, SURE.

So Charlie stalks over to the group in her manifestly unflattering jeggings and spills her recently opiated guts to the rest of the housemates. Paige and her striped shirt are very concerned. Jakes asks why Johnny doesn't look surprised, and Charlie says it was all her fault. Mike wants to know if Charlie can get him high, too. He's joking, but then seriously asks her where she got the drugs. She says it was one of her CIs, and she doesn't have any more, so her using days are over. Briggs is over by the fireplace, looking like he wants to burn all the tasteful West Elm textiles in the room.

Later, Paige tells Mike she's already checked up on Charlie for signs of long-term drug use, like grubby fingertips. He asks her what would happen if someone was addicted. She reiterates that the person's cases would be reopened, and also that the person would be sent to treatment.

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