Goodbye High

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Who Is Odin Soze?

Mike and Abby chat on the beach. She says she found her phone in the lost and found, but it's ruined. He's asking what she's going to do when she heads back east, and she asks if he's gearing up to breaking up with her. He says he's not, and his "assignment with the airline" on the West Coast might be wrapping up soon. He wants to stay together. So does she. They make out.

Boardwalk, Briggs's meet with Odin and Bello. Johnny, Mike, and Paige are listening and watching; Charlie is positioned nearby in a truly terrible hat. Bello finds Briggs; he's impatient. On the monitors, Johnny, Paige, and Mike take bets on the people they see who might be Rossi. Then they notice that Briggs's watch, which is transmitting the audio, is cutting out intermittently.

Bello asks Briggs why he couldn't deliver Rossi. Briggs discreetly passes Bello a packet, which he says is from Rossi. Bello's unsure about going against the cartel and says Rossi should give him the drugs in person. Briggs replies, "He is." Bello asks, "You are Odin Rossi?" and Briggs is all, fuck yeah. The other three agents can't hear him.

Briggs and Bello walk and discuss Bello distributing drugs for Briggs/Rossi. Charlie is tailing them, somewhat ineffectively, and Mike is trying to help her keep Briggs in her sights. Briggs tells Bello he can supply him the amount he's accustomed to, 15 percent cheaper. Bello agrees and they split up to keep anyone watching from becoming suspicious.

Charlie catches up to Mike and asks where Bello is. Briggs said he left, wouldn't wait around for Rossi any longer. He tells her she didn't miss much after she says his watch cut out.

Next time: Piles of heroin everywhere!

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