Heat Run

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That Worthless Fellow Lauren

Charlie gets a call and has to go babysit a meth addict confidential informant. Johnny wants to hit some bars with Briggs, but Briggs shoots him down because all the FBI agents are booked for tomorrow to help Lauren with her Kusmanov business, which involves some stolen Lamborghinis. The others in the house, Jakes (ICE) and Paige (DEA), also beg off, crushing Johnny's tender spirit.

Mike fills Juan in on the Briggs-almost-shot-me part of last night. Juan isn't satisfied with how comprehensive Mike's report was, but Mike wants to know why he's been given this assignment. Juan admits that they might be looking into whether Briggs is skimming money, because his salary is modest and Southern California is expensive. That seems awfully minor. Juan reminds Mike that he wants details.

Charlie meets with Whistler, her CI. He's making a dollhouse for Audrey, his niece or daughter (whose age he can't quite remember, because meth is a hell of a drug). The upshot of why Whistler texted Charlie is that a dealer named Sam Cotonio is looking for a big score and he can help her take Sam down. They haggle over Whistler's cut, and he pleads with Charlie for the money now, since he's being booted out of his sister's garage, where he currently lives.

At Briggs's roadblock, they test out the spike strips they'll use to stop the truck that's hauling all the Lamborghinis. But the truck that's coming isn't carrying cars; it's going too fast and the suspension is too high to be loaded with that kind of weight. Briggs wants to kill the operation, but Lauren just mashes the button that pops up the spike strip. When Briggs tells her not to do that and retracts the spikes, Lauren runs out in the road and stands in the path of a fucking eighteen-wheeler, which barely stops without killing her.

Lauren has her gun aimed at the truck's driver. At her order, the driver climbs out and gets a good long look at her face. Johnny and other agents in tactical gear run in to back her up. They open up the back of the truck, and sure enough, it's empty. Lauren pleads with Briggs to let her go back to Kusmanov, but Briggs reminds her that the driver saw her, so her cover is blown and her work with that particular mafia bad guy is over. Unless she wants to get her ass killed.

At an oceanside restaurant, Mike and Johnny are relating Lauren's stunt to Jakes and Paige. Now Johnny wants to teach Mike the fine points of undercover dating, the most important point being that you can't blow your cover by using your sexy, sexy FBI badge as a pickup line. Paige points out a guy across the bar who knows her as a pharmaceutical rep, because he's clearly a beach bum and (rule number two) wouldn't know anything about her cover story. Johnny's a pilot (as he told us in the, heh, pilot), unless he meets a flight attendant, in which case he tells girls he's a photographer. Jakes says he's a bass player in a crappy, unsuccessful band and goes off to pitch some game.

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