Heat Run

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That Worthless Fellow Lauren

Kusmanov's office. His driver is just outside the window, and then Lauren, alias Alina, walks in. Oh, she is really dumb as a box of rocks. Kusmanov says the Lamborghinis will stay in Woodland Hills until they can figure out their next play. Lauren begs off and flees before the driver can see her, but wouldn't he have recognized the woman who'd been hanging out with Kusmanov for however long?

Mike is wooing some girl by telling her he's trying to make the PGA tour. Turns out her dad's a big golfer, which means Mike just broke rule number two. The woman spots Briggs across the bar and tells Mike he's an astronaut. That...seems too easy to Google. The woman says she gave Briggs a fake number and scampers off. Mike asks the bartender for his tab, but she says Briggs already paid for them. As Mike walks toward the table, he overhears Johnny saying Briggs is treating everyone. So this is evidence he's living outside his means? Surely your average FBI agent can afford a few rounds of beers.

Mike discreetly presses his hand down on Briggs's credit card, which is on the table, then snaps a photo of his own palm, where the shapes of the numbers are imprinted, all the while ruefully telling the gang how his PGA gambit failed and joking with Briggs about his astronaut story. Paige drags Mike back off to the meat market.

Shadowy meet between bad people. This must be Sam Cotonio, because he's taking a sample of something from a briefcase Whistler is holding, with Charlie behind him. He's impressed by the quality of the meth and offers them half a million for fifty pounds. Charlie asks to see the money. A minion brings it out, but before Charlie can say anything, Whistler starts trying to wrangle for more money (which would increase his cut).

Charlie looks ready to shoot him on the spot, as does Cotonio. And Whistler's pleading almost blows the deal, but Charlie saves it and gives Jakes and the other agents, listening not far away, the verbal signal to swoop in. She and Whistler yell theatrically at each other as they are cuffed and then Charlie threatens to shove Whistler's cut where the sun doesn't shine for his shenanigans earlier.

Back at the house, Briggs lounges in the middle of a luxurious West Elm seating arrangement, and asks Lauren where she's been. She has a black eye, and he asks what happened. She confesses that she went to the warehouse Kusmanov mentioned in Woodland Hills and he caught her. It really sounds like she's lucky to have only gotten a black eye. Briggs asks if the cars were there, then wants to know where Kusmanov is.

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