Heat Run

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That Worthless Fellow Lauren

Whistler's place. Charlie strolls up and Whistler's sister, who owns the house, is playing with a little girl and the dollhouse. She tells Charlie Whistler's inside. Charlie sadly tells Whistler she can't use him as a CI anymore because of his behavior at the last bust, but that he should use his $100,000 check from the Cotonio bust to go to rehab. He proclaims that rehab doesn't work for him, that he needs to be busy rather than sitting around talking. She wants him to use the money to get his life together.

Lamborghini bust, take two. Jakes is there this time (shining example of interdepartmental cooperation!), and Lauren notably isn't in tactical clothes. Johnny takes the lead and they bust in shooting. The agents encounter many more than the four Kusmanov henchmen Lauren told them to expect, and they have to fight their way through. Johnny gets a gnarly slash on his arm, but after all the shouting and shooting is over, he brushes it off as a cool scar to impress chicks with.

Jakes takes Kusmanov, whose hands are cuffed with zip ties, off to a separate room, where Briggs is waiting. His face sinisterly half in shadow, Briggs is about to deliver some reprisal for the beatdown Kusmanov gave Lauren, but then he looks at the man's restrained--and unmarked--hands, stops, and walks away.

Bar. All the roommates except Lauren toast with White Russians, and then Paige offers Mike a lady who's been staring at him from the bar. He tries to beg off that he's tired of elaborate lies, so Paige tells him to suit himself and goes off to get her jollies--except that she goes right to the woman at the bar and obviously feeds her a really good line. Mike reluctantly approaches the woman, Abby.

A drunk is hassling Charlie and Paige, and Briggs punches him a couple of times before Charlie shoves him off and out of the bar. (It seems like all of them hanging out at this one bar all the time wouldn't be great for maintaining their cover stories....) Back at the house, Paige asks Briggs what's going on with him. He spills what he knows about the possibility of the Russian truck driver blowing Lauren's cover. He wonders if her cover was blown, and they speculate that the Russians are tracking her to find out what she knows about their operation--which would also endanger the whole Graceland house.

Mike and Abby walk on the beach discussing her fancy education--Wellesley, Georgetown law--and how she's taking the summer off before the bar. Mike asks what Paige told Abby at the bar (the one with alcohol, not the law exam). Abby replies that Paige told her Mike was the only real guy there. Everyone else is Ken dolls. Which seem to have been the magic words, as Mike and Abby make out a little with their feet in the surf.

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