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That Worthless Fellow Lauren

Back at the house, Paige chucks a Frisbee at Mike and asks if he's up for a game. He's not, since he hasn't had any sleep, but Paige is all, don't tell me about your naughty times and ropes him into helping her investigate Lauren. Beach. Paige and Mike chuck the Frisbee back and forth, and then he hurls it under a car. She climbs under and when she resurfaces tells Mike the Russians are definitely tracking Lauren.

Charlie drives Whistler not to the bank to get his big check, but to a house with a for-sale sign in the yard. She tells him she talked to the Realtor and he can afford the place. Inside, the house is a disaster; the floors are torn up, the walls are stripped to plaster. Charlie tells Whistler what a good carpenter he is and says he can totally handle this place. He's excited about the possibilities of rehabbing the house, and she hands him the Realtor's card and tells him to call and sign over his big government check.

At the house, Briggs is playing chess alone when Lauren storms in and says Paige has gotten the DEA to yank her out of Graceland. Briggs mildly replies that Lauren almost got herself killed or at least her career ended with the GPS tracker Kusmanov's men put on her car. She pleads with Briggs to go to bat for her, but he snaps that she lied to him, which almost got Johnny--not to mention all the rest of them--killed.

He seems most offended that Paige used him and tells her he knows Kusmanov didn't hit her, because he saw the man's unwounded hands. Briggs holds up his own bruised knuckles, from hitting the drunk last night, and Lauren just cries that she did it to protect Donnie. Briggs softens and counsels that Lauren should be grateful she's still in the DEA, and if she's lucky she might get posted to Miami, with Donnie. He hugs her. Mmph. Would I jump in front of a speeding semi truck for a hug from Daniel Sunjata? I'm not saying I wouldn't.

Mike transcribes Briggs's credit card number from the photo of his hand and runs it through an FBI database. He gets a hit on it for more than $500 at Terry's Auto Supply. (And also a charge at the taco truck from last week. Do lots of taco trucks take credit cards?) Cut to Mike at the auto supply place with a picture of Briggs. The clerk tells him he remembers Briggs; he bought a GPS auto tracking system with cash. That, um, that does not make sense? Unless he's made more than one purchase at Terry's.

Mike comes to Briggs to talk about Lauren. Mike muses that the Russians are usually quite sophisticated with their tracking, but the device they found on Lauren's ride was an over-the-counter model that wasn't even transmitting. He says he thinks someone else was tracking Lauren. As we see Lauren packing, Briggs tells Mike he loves Lauren, but her recklessness was dangerous to the house, and that sometimes people let you down. As he says this, Charlie drives by the house that would've been Whistler's and sees the Realtor congratulating a family that notably does not include Whistler on the purchase of their new home.

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