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Secret's in the Sauce

Police station. Briggs tells Mike to get rid of his shoulder harness in favor of a sidearm. He's rather glib about whether Bello will respect Mike's previously demonstrated firearms prowess, or whether he'll just put a bullet through Blond Marius's pretty face. Mike is basically: o.O.

Charlie is airbrushing a huge gang tattoo onto Johnny's back, and I imagine this is what the makeup trailer at Sons of Anarchy looks like every day, only with shirtless Charlie Hunnam, and pardon me for a minute while I regret every career decision that didn't lead me down that path. He runs through his cover story, which he admits in an aside is based on his brother's real life, and then Jakes comes in to tell them to shake a leg. Johnny wants a chupacabra spray-painted on his butt cheek, but Charlie's all, I am not at a high enough GS level to airbrush your hip dips, ese.

When Briggs and Mike arrive at a restaurant for their meet with Bello, they're greeted by Eddie, who's now a Cyclops. And judging from the glare in his remaining eye, he's not pleased to see them. After Eddie leaves, Briggs quietly tells Mike that Bello taking vengeance on his own men -- he burned Eddie's eye out by pouring molten lead in it, ack -- means he doesn't think Briggs and Mike sold him out to Bobby Moi. After a brief dick-measuring contest over Mike's sidearm, Bello dismisses Briggs and begins a soliloquy about his roots in the Nigerian military, his exile, and some theories on teaching his men to be appropriately vicious. The upshot is that Bello wants Mike to teach his men to shoot -- to get them to their WQBs.

Mike asks what WQBs are, which flips Bello and Eddie's switch. A Marine, Bello says dangerously, should know what a WQB is, as Eddie threatens to ventilate Mike through the gut. Mike, who's not altogether confident that these two won't murder him even though they're in a crowded room full of civilians, snorts and says it's an outdated term for the lowest level of marksmanship, now referred to as a pizza box because the target is a square. His bluff works on Bello, and Mike calmly asks if he should expect to be threatened with death every time he meets with them. Bello laughs and goes off to terrorize someone else, leaving Mike with One-Eyed Eddie.

Back in the kitchen, Charlie is still babying her sauce. Briggs comes in, pours himself a drink, and reluctantly begins spilling to Charlie how Mike is the one who managed to land a face-to-face meet with the guy Briggs has been working on for three months. Briggs pretends he's not worried about Mike, but Charlie's all, so this explains the breakfast rum. She diagnoses him with quarterback syndrome -- he doesn't think his troops can win unless he's running the show -- and they exchange some lame Patriots vs. Giants banter before Charlie cuts to the chase: Mike's getting results, which is what Briggs should focus on rather than taking the credit.

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