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And now it's time for the Montgomerys. Let's see if Jesus can help them beat the Pollards. Darius is confident, but he's always confident and never really has a right to be. He tells the code to Tyiler, who gets it wrong telling it to Alecia. Tyiler gets it right the second time, but they've lost a lot of time. Darius tells us that he has a photographic memory, so of course he reads the code, runs off to tell Tyiler, and forgets it and has to go back. They get it to Darius, Jr. in the rear car, only for it to be wrong. Now it's seven minutes and thirty seconds into the game, which means the DiSalvatores totally won the challenge even though they seem so dysfunctional. It's coming down to the wire when Darius opens the last safe and stops the time.

Reno gets the families lined up to read the results, and Amie claims that her stomach was in knots, although surely she knew by this point whether she was going home or not because they had the timer outside the train. Anyway, it's not even close at the end. The Montgomerys did it in ten minutes and thirty-two seconds, and they're going home. They do not cry like the Favereys and leave with their heads held high, looking up to Jesus. Prayer circle!

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Great American Road Trip




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