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And then, drama. Keith tells his family to "clap it out" for the Pollards, then says the "DiSals are next." Amy's sharp ears hear this, and she tells them not to underestimate her family. "Don't talk. They talked last challenge and they lost," someone says, either Silvio or Mason, I think. Amy takes exception to her last name being shortened to DiSal in an interview, but then calls Keith "Mr. Cootie," so she doesn't have a leg to stand on there. Then Keith says "isn't that what you wanted, Sil?" He is ignored. Jennifer asks her husband why he said anything. "Because they're next," he says. Just in case you thought Jennifer was the mature parent here, she reminds us about how the DiSalvatores accused them of cheating in the first challenge. Then the DiSalvatores walk over to congratulate the Cootes on winning the End of the Road challenge, which Jennifer says was totally fake. Silvio and Keith exchange words, with Keith saying "isn't this what you wanted?" and Silvio saying "no, not me, man" and trying to shake hands and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Silvio interviews that he's sure the Cootes are already celebrating winning the show before they've even begun the finals, and he wants that celebration to be a short one. And premature.

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