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And now let us savor the Coote loss. Keith says it's rough to lose, but he's proud of his family. And then they have to go over and congratulate the DiSalvatores. Jennifer actually seems genuine when she says they worked hard for the win and then interviews that while her family was winning the King of the Road challenges, the DiSalvatores were competing in all of the End of the Road challenges and thus doing twice as much work. "They have evolved as a family," she says. Whereas the Cootes are exactly the same and learned nothing.

Reno presents the giant novelty check to the DiSalvatores, and Mason makes fun of the fact that it's signed by freaking Reno. After all of the stuff the previews said about how one of the families needed this win to avoid foreclosure, we hear nothing about it. I guess Silvio's money trouble interview was it. Then Reno says that's it, the show is over, and he'll see us next time on another season of this show, which hopefully will never, ever happen. That said, congratulations to the DiSalvatores for winning the game and -- perhaps even more difficult -- winning me over. I really hope Amy invests the money wisely.

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