Great American Road Trip
Gateway to the West

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Gateway to the Worst

The dads suit up and the race begins. They gingerly make their way through the cars, apparently feeling their way around more than taking any direction from the kids. Rico sucks so bad at it that Erica thinks the kids are intentionally giving him bad directions to mess with him, because they hate their father more than they want a free trip. The Pollards get to the refreshment stand first, followed immediately by the Cootes. They're neck and neck coming to the finish line. It looks like the Cootes win it by a hair, but that's because Jennifer reaches out and grabs the food while Amie waited for it to come to her. More cheating, Cootes??? Apparently not, as Reno pronounces them the winners. Damn! I was hoping the Pollards would win so I could return Amie's invitation and have her over to my place. Jake interviews that he's looking forward to all the perks of their prize, including a stay at "a nice luxury hotel." Ooooh, sorry Jake! You're going to the Best Western. Clown music plays as Ricardo finally makes it back to the finish line, and then the top three families get to watch the product placement movie and tell us how awesome it is.

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Great American Road Trip




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