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The Rich Don't Get Richer

Everyone finally gets on the road, and the Alabamas are thrilled to drive past the Sears Tower. Hope you enjoyed it, because this adventure is taking you to SPRINGFIELD instead. Amie loves the tall buildings. Meanwhile, in the Coote van, Jake has his head out the window and is telling people on the sidewalk to "root for the Cootes!" because they're from Chicago. And sure enough, the people on the sidewalk cheer for them. "That's how I ROLL!" Jake says. He's great so far, although if he keeps talking in that weird froggy voice he won't be.

After the break, we see that Reno has his own RV to drive. Wow, that sucks for him. Why does the inside of his RV look like a pick-up truck, though? He says that Springfield is the Illinois state capital and home of Abraham Lincoln, which was said earlier, so you know they're reaching for stuff to say about Springfield. Too bad it just sounds like clues in Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? Annoyingly, we go back to the DiSalvatores. Silvio says he's a "city guy in da freakin' mountains!" before realizing that the land all around him is flat. He thinks the view is boring, but so is his Cougar tattoo, so whatever. Meanwhile, the Ricos are behind the DiSalvatore RV and note that it's weaving dangerously in and out of traffic. Mom Erica says they should stay far away from that RV. Dad Ricardo says Silvio is probably brushing his hair. In actuality, he's trying to film Amy while she's driving, despite her protests. The Ricos find it entertaining, but I do not.

Over in the rich people van, Hyleri has already decided that they're the best family there. "We're in good shape, we're educated," she says. "I'm not," Sami says. I like her. "I'm about ready to put the pedal to the metal," Marc says like a cheeseball. He passes another RV, and Andrew interviews that it's important for them to be in the front. It's not important to the Favereys, who are cheerful about getting passed by the Ricos. Lenny interviews that driving an RV is like "driving your home." Statements like that make me realize why Lenny is just a hotel doorman. They get passed by the Cootes, and it's all too much for son Dylan, who begs his dad to drive faster. Then they get passed by the Montgomerys. Lenny's just trying not to get in an accident.

The families arrive at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, and they all have to be loud and happy and excited about this. The families meet each other and start to make friends. Silvio eats dinner away from everyone, so Amie Pollard tries to be nice and invites him to eat with them. Bad move, Amie. "I didn't wanna bother yas," Silvio says. Amie doesn't understand what "yas" means until she realizes it's the same as her "y'all." This creates way more drama than it should as they fight over which term is correct. The answer is neither. As the sun sets on the happy group, Amie says she thinks everyone will get along with each other for the entire trip. I bet they don't!

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Great American Road Trip




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