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The Katzenbergs reach the ballot box first, and they're very proud of that even though it apparently means nothing if you don't have enough votes. The Cootes are the last to finish, and time is running short for them. Mom Jennifer finally admits that they waited too long to start the race. Even so, they get their votes in with four seconds to spare. OR DID THEY?? Because Amy DiSalvatore doesn't like the fact that Keith Coote had some of his votes concealed in his shirt, which was against the rules, and even interrupts Reno to say so. Reno explains that the rule was you couldn't stick anything up inside your shirt, so using your shirt as a sling is okay. Reno praises the Cootes for their good strategy while Amy apologizes. But now Jennifer Coote is mad at Amy for calling them cheaters. Just let it go, people. The rest of the families just look around, embarrassed for/entertained by the fighting families. Reno doesn't know what to do with two yelling women, so he tells them to be nice in front of the presidents. The presidents' cartoon disembodied heads. Jennifer claims that she's fine, but in an interview says she's still really mad. Life is too short for this. "Have a little class," Jennifer pot-kettles. Anyway, the Cootes win. Their reward is a family dinner on the Mississippi river. More importantly, the bottom three are: the Montgomerys, the Favereys, and, with the least amount of votes, the Katzenbergs. Way to be fast, losers. Sami pounds the ballet box in anger. Reno tells the three remaining families that they're safe from elimination, and Silvio gets all excited about that as if this is new information.

The Cootes pile into their RV and set off for their reward. Things aren't so happy in the Katzenberg van, as Marc says it hurts to lose. Sami says that they lost because they went into the challenge being too cocky. The rest of the family tells her to be quiet, even though she's right. Over in the Faverey RV, the kids are fighting. Ashley throws a temper tantrum over gummi worms, which is sure to come back and bite her in the ass when her classmates see this.

The DiSalvatores are stuck parking next to the Cootes at the next stop. Amy admits that because of her outburst, this is awkward. Amy walks over to the Cootes and apologizes and seems to smooth things over with the Cootes like an adult. But the Cootes are babies, so they act like they're cool with Amy when they're really still angry. A fire truck arrives and Madison Mayor John Hamm, III, pops out and says it's the Cootes' ride to their reward dinner. It's not on a riverboat like I expected, but a narrow bridge with a table set up in the middle. Unfortunately, they have to eat with the mayor and a woman I'm guessing is his wife, which is kind of awkward. What are they going to talk about? Madison? Road trips? These people have very little in common.

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Great American Road Trip




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