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The next day, it's time to leave Illinois for Mississippi, as Dee Faverey reads it. "Missouri!" the rest of her family corrects her. Poor Dee is not pleased to make a reading error on national television. The RVs cross the bridge the Cootes ate on last night and pass that arch thing in St. Louis, where the End of the Road challenge awaits the three losers. The challenge for each family is to take a giant inflatable ball and roll it under a series of mini-arches to the finish line. The family that does this slowest is off the show. Also, each family must choose one person to sit inside the ball. Obviously, it'll be the smallest. Time to watch Hyleri fight with Sami over who weighs less! And also again, the ball is tethered to a rope of a certain length so that the family has to maneuver the ball through the certain path of arches, or else they'll run out of rope and not be able to cross the final arch.

The Favereys go first. They stick Ashley in the ball and get going. Dylan realizes that it's easier to slide the ball than roll it, and uses the rope tether to do so. Towards the end of the course, it becomes clear that they've chosen the wrong path, and Dee and Dylan start screaming. The family regroups and gets it right on their second try. They did it in fifteen minutes and fifty-two seconds.

The Katzenbergs are next. Sami's in the ball, and she's trying to direct her family from inside. But her family doesn't listen to her and do their own thing. The Favereys watch as the Katzenbergs go the wrong route. I'm starting to realize that Dee is not the sharpest tool in the drawer, as she sobs that her family doesn't work together as well as the others and they're going to lose, as if the Katzenbergs got the course right. Which they didn't! At minute fifteen, the Katzenbergs approach the last arch and there isn't enough rope to get through. They have to go back and try again, and that means the Favereys are safe. Stupid, but safe. In the end, it takes the Katzenbergs forty-one minutes and fifty-one seconds to finish. That's ridiculous. There's no way they won't be eliminated.

Finally, the Montgomerys go. Youngest son Tyiler is in the ball. They're faster than everyone and they get the ball through on the first try. Wow. Son Darius Ross chalks the win up to geometry class, although I'm not sure how that helped. The Montgomerys blazed through the course in two minutes and twenty-four seconds. Holy crap! The Katzenbergs have to laugh at their failure. I won't be sorry to see them go. Maybe Sami.

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Great American Road Trip




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