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Road Worriers

The Cootes go first. Jake is the smallest member of the family, so he jumps on the shuttle and gets all the blow-up dolls outside for Keith and Cassidy to grab and hand off to Jennifer, who will seat and belt them in the plane. That's all we see of them before the DiSalvatores go. They don't do quite as good of a job with strategy as the Cootes. "We don't have to rush," Silvio says. "No, we have five minutes. Take your time," Amy says. Fortunately, they've got Blake and Mason there, and they actually do seem to know how to compete at things. The Montgomerys charge the shuttle. The Dariuses (Darii?) will take the dolls from the shuttle to the plane, where Alecia and Tyiler will seat and buckle them. And then, the Favereys. There is screaming and panic and Lenny's head explodes. Get ready to be four-for-four with challenge losses, Favereys! That was terrible. The Pollards go last. Aaron and Ron load the plane with dolls and Amie and Anslie seat and buckle them in. Amie realizes halfway through that they'll never be able to strap in all the dolls they have on the plane, so she tells the menfolk to help her out instead of going back to the shuttle for more dolls.

The DiSalvatores have a similar realization -- lots of bodies, most of them in the aisles in the way, and not many in seats. The Cootes may win a lot, but Jennifer is yelling at her daughter and her daughter is yelling back and they're accusing each other of being too slow when it comes to putting seat belts on blow-up dolls. Time is up, and the DiSalvatore plane is full of bodies not in seats. It looks bad, and they know it. Reno announces the winner and losers. Bottom three: the DiSalvatores (29 passengers), the Favereys (46 passengers), and the Montgomerys (also 46). The DiSalvatores did epically bad in this challenge, and Amy says it won't be pretty in their RV because of it. No, I imagine it won't. And with 49 passengers, the winner is the Cootes. Again. But it was obviously really close if two of the bottom three had 46 and the winners had just 49. The Cootes celebrate while everyone else sulks and hates them until finally Amie starts clapping for them and everyone follows suit. Amie acts like she's all classy and has good sportsmanship, but just last week she was telling her kids to make T-shirts that cheered on two of the three teams in the bottom three challenge, so whatever. Reno says that the Pollards had 47 passengers, which is tragic for Darius because he blew three opportunities to strap the 47th passenger in before time ran out. The Cootes climb on board their jetBlue plane while Reno tells the rest of the families that they're getting some product placement for lunch.

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Great American Road Trip




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