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Road Worriers

The Cootes are on board but they don't get the entire plane to themselves like I thought. There are other passengers, too. That sucks. The rest of the families call up TGI Friday's and order take-out. Darius orders a crispy orange chicken bowl with no chicken. I think he's prank-calling them. The waitress taking the order asks what kind of car they're driving as if she doesn't know why there's a camera filming her or anything. They pull up to the restaurant and their food is brought out to them. "They gave me pepper and salt," Tyiler says. Such SERVICE!!! Full of empty calories and little nutritional value, the families set off for Holbrook, Arizona.

The Cootes arrive in Phoenix. There's a stretch hummer to take them to the hotel. They like it a lot more than the RV. Back in the RVs, there are thunderstorms. The wind has a great effect on the RVs, so Lenny's head explodes. And then he's almost run off the road by a particularly aggressive trailer truck. Amie Pollard remarks that she's driving through a storm while the Cootes get the spa treatment. Okay, I've never driven an RV before, but I have driven through a thunderstorm -- one with hail, even! -- and it's not fun, but it's not the scariest thing in the world, either. Calm down, people. The Cootes arrive at the Wigwam Resort. It's very nice. Even nicer than a Best Western, if you can believe it!

And even more driving happens. The RVs finally arrive at the Wigwam Motel. It's no Wigwam Resort, but it does feature a bunch of motel rooms shaped like wigwams. This episode has too many wigwams, I feel. The Montgomerys check out their room. It's small and the ceiling doesn't go all the way up to the pointy part like the kids were expecting it to, but it'll do. They only get two beds for four people, so Darius tell the kids to sleep on the floor while he and his wife take the beds. I'd just sleep in the RV. Lenny arrives at the motel and sees how small the wigwams are. "Oh my god," he says, his head exploding.

The next morning, the road trip directions ask the families if they missed the Cootes. Dee says yes, but you know everyone else said no. The families are heading for a giant crater in the middle of the desert for the End of the Road Challenge. The Favereys talk about their strategy to work as a team in this challenge, but they all interrupt each other while they're talking about not interrupting each other, so I don't have high hopes. The Montgomerys are trying to decide if they should pray for themselves and be selfish or pray for everyone and risk Jesus picking the other two families to win. I'm pretty sure Darius finds a way to justify the former.

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Great American Road Trip




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