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Road Worriers

The three families arrive. Reno welcomes them to a giant meteor crater, and it is pretty impressive. Then it's lame, of course, as Reno starts to talk about UFO sightings and an object flies through the sky and lands on the ground. It scares the shit out of the Favereys, but Darius is cool as a cucumber as he tells Reno he just saw a UFO. "What was it?" Reno asks. Darius reminds him that the U in UFO stands for "unidentified." Ha! Darius used the power of Jesus to make Reno look dumb. Then Alecia ruins it by saying it was a bale of hay. Reno says that was an example of the next challenge: random objects will be shot through the air, and the families must correctly identify as many as possible. The families take their chaise lounges and get ready. Silvio says he's concerned about his chances here, as his vision is a "perfect" 60/80. None of that made sense.

The first object is launched, and I have no idea what it was and neither does anyone else. The second item is a lawn mower. The third item is something round. Fourth item is a football. Everyone gets that one, even Silvio! Lenny starts to worry about his memorization abilities because he's over 50 and really dumb. He hopes the kids will come through. Next up is a golf bag and clubs. Then a computer monitor. Then a barbecue grill. A teddy bear strapped to a car seat, which Dee finds amusing. And then something that breaks into three pieces. One of those pieces looked like a pair of pants. I hope that was Reno Collier. Then there's a bicycle. And the kitchen sink. Which should really be the last thing, but there's another random object after it. No one knows what it is except, somehow, Amy, who whispers that it's three irons tied together. Okay, Amy, that was freaking impressive.

The launching of objects complete, the families line up in front of a board with 12 spots and a bunch of picture cards. They must put the pictures of the objects on the board in the order they were launched, and there are some pictures of objects that weren't launched to trick them. The families get started. Amy figures out that the first object was a phone based on the picture cards, so she is kicking ass and taking names at this challenge. The Favereys, meanwhile... are dumb. I don't have much hope for them. The DiSalvatores hit their button first. They got all 12 items in the correct order on the first try. They're safe for another week. Blake says they worked as a team for the first time and that's why they did so well. Also because Amy has the eyes of a hawk and the memory of an elephant. And you know what? I'm actually glad they're staying. Somewhere along the line, my hatred for them turned into fondness. I'm pretty sure it happened when Blake, Mason and Silvio refused to take part in the pie-eating contest. Anyway, I'm sure it won't last.

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Great American Road Trip




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