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The Cootes get another three seconds of camera time (with just three families left, they really have no choice but to give these boring and unpleasant people some attention) to say they're on the way to the next challenge at the Hoover Dam. Amie Pollard then says the exact same thing. And in the man RV, Silvio says the same thing a third time. All families come upon the Hoover Dam, and it's like the Grand Canyon in that it's really freaking awesome to see in real life, but pictures and movies just can't quite do it justice.

Silvio talks about how the Hoover Dam was made, and Ron weighs in with some knowledge about how hundreds of people died making the dam. Silvio interviews that he doesn't understand a word Ron says and misses his wife, as if he ever paid attention to the words that were coming out of her mouth. He blames the trouble communicating on Ron's Southern accent, but I think it's more like Silvio just doesn't know how to listen to any voice except his own. Amy doesn't seem to miss Silvio, though, as she and Amie hang out in the RV and spout Hoover Dam facts to each other and somehow manage to make each other understand despite their accents.

The RVs finally arrive. Amy de-RVs and tells us she isn't looking forward to participating in the challenge with her family. There's the spirit, Amy! She enters her RV and Silvio immediately says he accepts her apology. Amy tells us that means Silvio is sorry. No, it doesn't -- it means you're married to a freaking child who thinks this kind of behavior is cute. It's not! But he'll do it for as long as people let him get away with it, and since it got him a wife who serves his every need and a reality show role to stroke his already-massive ego, I don't see it changing any time soon.

The teams walk into the challenge on the observation deck of the Hoover Dam. Reno is waiting for them. "When I see Reno, my heart stops," Amy says. So does Reno's, but that's because his arteries are finally feeling those four Big Macs he just had for lunch. Reno says the challenge is for each family to make its own "hydro-electric plant," just like the Hoover Dam! Oh, please let this involve continuous pouring of concrete that can't be stopped, not even to free someone who fell in. And let that someone be Silvio. And Amy. And Amie. And Keith and Jennifer Coote. Ron, you're cool so far. Each team gets a running faucet and a box full of pipes that must be connected with each other and run through a series of pillars until they reach a turbine. The water from the faucet will go through the pipes and turn the turbine wheel, powering an engine that inflates an Uncle Sam balloon.

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