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After the break, the Cootes are stuck in traffic while the Pollards are stuck at Circus Circus with an annoying clown who insists on being in front of the camera at all possible times. Amie doesn't know the name of any Vegas hotels and says she's proud of her lack of knowledge, since it just means she's a true redneck (who doesn't watch C.S.I. Or Las Vegas). Yes, hooray for ignorance! She only knows the names of hotels near her own home. Well, maybe this could serve as an important lesson on why it's good to get out there and explore and learn and travel a bit. Suddenly, completely and totally on her own and with no producer intervention whatsoever I'm sure, Amie realizes the word is "Excalibur."

The Cootes arrive at the Excalibur, which Jennifer recognizes because she's been there "a couple times." As much as I knock the Pollards for not traveling enough outside of their comfort zone, I think the Cootes travel too much. If you even count trips to a cheesy theme hotel in Vegas as traveling, which I really don't. Jake jumps out of the limo before it comes to a complete stop, which is a great way to get run over. Where are the safety precautions, NBC?? It's not like Jennifer is going to look out for her son's best interests, so someone has to. There are two "rocks" with swords stuck in them. They have to pull them out and when they find one with a letter on it, keep it to unscramble the name of the next location. On their way to Excalibur, the Pollards wisely keep their eyes out for hotel names so they'll know as many as possible for the next round. Don't fill your head with names like "Bellagio," Aaron -- only the nastiest, cheapest, and most run-down theme hotels are featured on this show.

Jennifer has "Mandalay Bay" spelled out in swords before the Pollards even arrive. They set off just as the Pollards are arriving. When they see the Pollards behind them, they scream and Jennifer wonders how they got there so quickly. Maybe they cheated like you always do? The Pollards get to work and Amie quickly realizes the name is Mandalay Bay, thanks to the fact that it was one of the hotels she saw on their way to Excalibur. The Cootes can still see the Pollards from their limo when they get back in the limo and set off for Mandalay Bay and they are beside themselves. Sorry, Cootes, but you aren't going to win. The producers know that someone else needs a turn to win a prize and they're giving it to the Pollards no matter what, just like they did back in Branson. You think it's a coincidence that the Pollards only win and the Cootes only lose when it's a non-elimination round?

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