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Vegas Crybaby

Soon enough, the Pollard limo passes the Cootes. Cheating is wrong, but I do love watching the Cootes be so miserable in defeat. The Pollards arrive at the Mandalay Bay and get out of the limo in search of their dad. Somehow, both families got a key with a room number on it, so that's what they're looking for. The Cootes are hot on the Pollards' heels, but the Pollards get in an elevator and on the floor first. Ron, Keith, and Reno are waiting in a room. The door opens ... and it's the Pollards of course. Keith is devastated. Ha ha! Even though there's no way this was fair and square, he's still incredibly upset over it. Amie claims that her family won with "class and humility," even though they jumped up and down and screamed and celebrated just as much as the Cootes do when they win. Reno says the Pollards are staying in this room tonight with $500 to spend. I guess they have a lot of cash left over from forgetting to have another stupid contest to win a gift-store shopping spree at the Roadkill Café. The Cootes finally arrive and Cassidy buries her tear-stained face in face in Keith's chest. This is so not worth crying about. Ron says it feels good to "beat" the Cootes, even though they really didn't, and even if they did, Ron had nothing to do with it. Amie says the room is amazing, but the most important thing to learn is how to be a true winner. And also in Aaron's case, perhaps some basic geography wouldn't hurt. In the spirit of being a true winner, Amie invites the other two families up to her room to show off what she won over them. The Cootes aren't going for it, and actually refuse Amie's invitation. Instead they angrily storm back to the RV and act like giant babies and generally miserable people.

The Pollards toast to their win and Amie drinks straight from the bottle, all class. Really, an episode like this makes you realize that as bad as the DiSalvatores are, they're still that much better than the Cootes and even the Pollards. Speaking of the DiSalvatores, they arrive at the room with Reno showing them the way there, probably hoping to score an invitation of his own. He doesn't get one. The DiSalvatores eat room service dinner with the Pollards, while the Cootes eat humble pie and drink their own bitter tears.

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