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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Later, McManus marches into Wangler's pod as Adebisi, sitting outside, looks all, "The hell?" McManus tells Wangler that Coushaine praised his progress in class, and gives him a paperback copy of Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. McManus explains that Washington was one of the most influential African-Americans of his time. Wangler: "This to do with the peanuts?" Hee! Very clever, Tom. McManus tells Wangler that the book influenced his life. Oy. As McManus turns to leave, Wangler tells him that he doesn't miss mopping the kitchens at all. I was afraid McManus was going to smile in an insufferable my-work-here-is-done way, but while a smile does escape, it's not too obnoxious, so thanks for that, anyway. Outside, Adebisi sort of gets in McManus's face while plucking what looks like an African banjo, and since I seem to remember that the banjo originated in Africa, I'm going to go with that. (Don't e-mail me!) Once McManus is gone, Adebisi swaggers into the pod and announces, "That cocksucker doesn't come in here again unless you ask me." Wangler reasonably enough asks how he's supposed to stop him, but Adebisi isn't interested in little things like logic, and repeats himself in a little singsong. Hee. He adjusts Wangler's stocking cap so it's slanted to one side like his hat, and leaves. Hee, again.

Hill, in a creepy black-and-white shot, blathers about Booker T. Washington. Hill, Booker T. Washington's words inspired a generation of Americans. The only thing you're inspiring is a lot of retina-detaching eye-rolling.

Some kitchen worker is telling Adebisi how fucked up it is that Glynn gave the kitchen back to the Italians. Adebisi theorizes that Glynn is trying to start a war between them and "those guineas." He smiles when he sees Schibetta and Pancamo enter the cafeteria. Adebisi taunts Schibetta: "You look just like your father. Only you still breathing." Schibetta asks if he's trying to tell him something, going for "intimidating" but landing somewhere between "half Adebisi's size" and "mezzo-soprano." Adebisi: "I miss your father." Why, how tight was he?

In a hilarious shot, two guys start down the stairs, but run away when Adebisi comes up them. One of them is a short cross-dressing Latino who was shown when McManus mentioned the "gay" group in the last episode, and the way he runs all "The sky is falling!" is really not to be missed. Adebisi enters his pod and shows Wangler that he's got some tits, but Wangler, reading the book, isn't interested. Just then, a shakedown is called, and Adebisi quickly stuffs the plastic packet between the pages of the book. For shame, Adebisi. Booker T. is spinning is his grave. Search, search. Adebisi's pod is pronounced clean. Back inside, Adebisi takes the book and rips out some pages so he can store drugs in it more effectively. Wangler's had enough: "Fuck you, man!" Adebisi grabs him and slams his face up against the door. "You think you can disrespect me? Don't forget who your friends are, Kenny. 'Cause if you not my friend, you my enemy. Understand?" He does. They get high. Hey, Wangler, remember how in the last episode you said you were nobody's prag? Doesn't take long for the crow to cook in Oz, does it?

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