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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Staff meeting. Gloria says she's scheduled a mastectomy for Ryan the next day at Benchley Memorial. She says that she'll be assisting a "Dr. Powell," who's one of the best surgeons in the state. And I'm sure one of the best surgeons in the state has an open calendar a day in advance. Glynn asks if their insurance will cover the operation, and Gloria says no. The claims adjuster wants them to do a lumpectomy instead, which has more risk of relapse and requires follow-up radiation or chemotherapy. An argument starts until Glynn predictably orders the lumpectomy. Well, that was easy.

Cut back to Ryan and his wife. She asks, "If you die, what are we gonna do about your brother?"

And it's time to introduce Cyril "My Brother's Name Is Wyan" O'Reily. He enters, and Ryan, wearing an orange jumpsuit, grins at him, gets up, and puts his handcuffed wrists around Cyril's neck. Aw. I'll just tell you right now that while Scott Winters's portrayal of Cyril bugs me most of the time, I think Dean Winters puts on some of his strongest performances when Ryan and Cyril are together, so I can live with Cyril. The Ryan and Cyril Death Row scenes were about the only part of Season Six I could tolerate, even though they were unbelievably sad. Ryan asks Cyril why he's tense, and Cyril tells him that Oz is scary. Dude, just you wait. Cyril asks why Ryan lives there. Ryan: "Because I was bad, remember?" Cyril: "Oh yeah." Hee. Ryan says that's why Cyril isn't bad anymore. He breaks the news that he has to have an operation. Cyril freaks, saying that their mom died during an operation. Oh, man. Ryan grabs Cyril's face, and then has to take a quick moment to collect himself. After he's steeled himself, he tells Cyril that if he, Ryan, dies, Cyril may have to move out of Shannon's place and live with people who are more like him. Ryan's voice starts to break again as he tells Cyril that if Shannon asks him to move out, he shouldn't cry, but step up and be a man. Chalk up another great Winters/Winters scene (more due to Dean, as usual).

Ryan rides to the hospital in a police wagon. When he gets out, he takes a moment to enjoy the fresh air and look at the sky. Aw, on two counts (being out of prison, and preparing for the possibility of dying). Inside, Shannon accosts Gloria, and says that she asked around, and the operation Ryan's having is the cheapest available option. "My husband's life ain't cheap." Amen -- and if you only knew how much Gloria agrees with you. She tells Gloria to make sure he's okay, and tearily stomps off. Nice job by Mrs. O'Reily here as well. Elsewhere, as Ryan gets prepped for surgery, he flashes back to several moments from the first season. Gloria appears and asks if he's ready. He says yes, and adds that he feels better with Gloria there. "I can't figure out why the fuck you care, but I'm glad you do. Nobody's ever done shit for me my whole life, so I'm not very good at saying thanks. I owe you, big time." They clasp hands, but he fails to ask, "Does a dead husband work for you?" He takes the gas, and we fade to black.

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