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17 Seconds (2)
says she's not answering her phone. Dr. Hahn practically taunts them, saying they can look at charts all they want, but they're not getting this heart. Burke tries reverse psychology: "You might not want it. His angiogram shows 30% LAD." Dr. Hahn smirks, "Still not enough to give it to you." Burke taps his feet and looks at his watch.

Back at Seattle Grace, Izzie is busily readying Denny's room for her law-breaking, boyfriend-saving maneuver. She locks the doors and shuts the blinds while Denny protests from his bed. He tells her to stop and listen to him -- they're not doing this. Izzie blithely -- and I do mean blithely, it's as if she's baking a cake, not killing her one true love -- pretends he's said nothing. "Don't worry, you're not going to die. I will be here the whole time to make sure of that, and that's what this stuff is for." Denny says it's wrong, but Izzie argues that he's waited a year and a half for this thing, and who knows when the next one will come along. Denny says he'll take his chances. I don't understand this feeling I'm having; why do I suddenly love Denny when I have hated him for so long? They start to argue much more intensely, now, Denny saying he's not about to steal a heart from another man's chest and Izzie saying he sure is. Denny finally says he's had enough, and is getting ready to call a nurse. Izzie tells him about the 17-second discrepancy between him and the other guy on the list, which is her way of rationalizing what she's doing, because obviously Denny deserves the heart just as much as the other guy. "And if you tell me any more crap about heading towards the light or looking down on me from heaven, I swear I will kill you myself right now." Denny's eyes fill with tears, and he drops his voice. "Izzie. I'm gonna be all right. You don't have to worry." Izzie isn't worried about him -- she wants to know what's going to happen to her. "What about me when you go to the light?" Here's where Izzie starts to really break down, and a lot of people have said she sucked, and overacted, but I have known this feeling of being this out of control of my life, and it is JUST LIKE THIS. So huge, huge ups to Katherine Heigl for this performance. Anyway. Izzie says she gets it, he'll be fine, but what about her? Denny just has to watch her as she gets more and more hysterical. She begs, begs him to do this for her, sobbing now. "Please do this for me. Because if you die? You have to do this for me, or I'll never be able to forgive you." Denny's crying now, too, and asks, "For dying?" Izzie screams, "No, for making me love you! Please? Please do this for me, okay? Please. Please, I can't do this, please do this for me." He takes her in his arms and says, okay, he'll do it. Izzie cries some more. Someone else you know cries, too.

We cut to some people who aren't hysterically crying. Callie tells George with great disdain about Mere asking her about Doc. George is all, "Well, she likes her dog." Callie can't believe he's defending Meredith. "I get Izzie...well, I don't, but if you want to defend Izzie that's fine. But I don't get how you can defend Meredith." George says they're interns, and they're in this together. Callie reminds him how badly Meredith hurt him. George says that may be, but they're family. "Izzie, and Meredith, and Cristina. They're my family. I can hate Meredith, and I can be angry with her, but I'm always gonna defend her." Callie: "So you don't have to forgive Meredith, but I do?" George: "If you want a chance to be part of the family, yeah." Heh.

Burke's on the phone with Izzie, demanding answers. Izzie says she's working on it, and he should get back with the heart as soon as he can. Burke would like to know, please, what the hell she's talking about. Izzie calls him Preston, and Burke knows something's up. He asks her what she did. Izzie says she'll fax Denny's UNOS status over as soon as she gets confirmatory labs, and then he should waste no time getting back. "Because I don't know enough to know how long Denny will have once I start." Burke's all, "Start? What did you do, Izzie?" Izzie says she's hanging up now, and tells him again to hurry. Burke has to go back inside and lie his ass off, which he does. He tells Dr. Hahn that according to his intern, Denny Duquette is in pulmonary edema, has been intubated, and placed on multiple IV drips. Oh, shit. However, Burke says, given the unusual situation and out of respect for Dr. Hahn, he'd like to confirm those results -- in person. Dr. Hahn's like, "Are you kidding? That'll be another hour! What are you up to, Burke?" She asks why he doesn't just confirm the results with his chief of surgery, and Burke stands there speechless until Alex jumps to his rescue. "Well, because of the shootings today," Alex says, "all of our attendings are still in surgery." Go, Alex. Wait, why am I cheering for these people? They're breaking the law! Dr. Hahn sighs and tells him to go. Burke thanks her, and catches Alex on his way out. "I'm going back to Seattle Grace. You stay here and protect my heart. If that woman so much as looks at a scalpel, tackle her, do you understand?" Alex does. Percussion of Tension picks up.

McDreamy asks Addison to talk Kendra's parents out of keeping their daughter alive until the baby is born. Addison would much rather talk about the sad state of their relationship, but says she'll do it. She tells Kendra's parents that Dr. Shepherd asked her to talk to them about the baby. Kendra's parents say they've already made their decision -- she's having it. Addison tries in vain to talk them out of it, but Kendra's dad says if they wanted her opinion, they'd have asked for it. Wow! Addison says she understands that they want to keep their daughter close to them, but this is a great risk, and if Kendra were to contract an infection, she could pass it on to the baby. Kendra's parents have cared less in their lives, but this time is not one of them. Kendra's mom asks what about organ donors that they keep alive after they're gone...why not Kendra? Addison says Kendra can't regulate body temperature or hormones or any other of the myriad things a fetus needs. Kendra's dad is so dumb and I hate him. "You guys can regulate that stuff, right?" Addison says they could try, but it's not a good idea. Kendra's dad tells them to try, then, and what's the problem? Addie: "The problem here as I see it is you want to use your daughter's corpse as an incubator, that's the problem." McDreamy has to drag her out of the room and ask her what her problem is, as if he doesn't know. He says they could use a little sensitivity, because they just love their daughter. Addie says the issue here is not love, it's..."well, it's like you." McDreamy's all, "Huh?" Addie says it's like how he pretends to love her to fulfill some need he has to be a good guy. McDreamy says this isn't the time, and starts to walk away. Addie follows after him. "What, you're not going to yell at me, or call me names, or...I don't know, ignore me in an elevator?" McDreamy tries to calmly ask what she wants from him. Addie says she just wants him to care -- she slept with his best friend, and it had no effect, and then the guy came out to Seattle to get her, and still McDreamy got a good night's sleep. "What do I have to do? Oh, I know. Maybe I should go out on a date with the vet. Because that seems to be something that sends you into a blind rage. Oh, but wait, that won't work either, because I'M NOT MEREDITH GREY." Finally. FINALLY! Addison gives good speech. It's too bad she's so caught up in the moment she doesn't realize she's just given it atop a balcony, in full view of the hospital -- including Webber, Cristina, and MEREDITH GREY. Commercials.

Kendra's dad tells George that they still haven't made a decision. George tells them that he doesn't have a daughter, but he does have a family -- a couple of families, actually -- and sometimes you don't like what they do, or the choices they make, but you have to stick by them. He tells

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