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17 Seconds (2)
them about Denny, who's dying and is only 36. Kendra's not a match for him, but she could save a dozen other lives. "And from what I know about Kendra, I've gotta believe that if she had the choice between where she is right now, and saving a dozen other people, she'd save those people. That would be her decision. The question is whether you stick by her one last time." Oh, George. Tears.

Callie calls Mere into a room where she's put up a bunch of films. She says they're of a human patient with osteosarcoma, and it was the closest she could get to mirror what's happening to her dog. Mere is shocked, and touched. Callie explains what happened to the person (he died in the end), and Meredith softly thanks her. Callie tells her she's welcome, and just like that, I love Callie.

Deborah and her fiancé, The Duck, are getting all kissy-kissy when Cristina walks in on them. She observes joylessly that they made up. Deborah says she decided to give him one more chance. Neal says he told her that she won't have to, because what they went through today has changed him. "This bullet will always remind me to do the right thing by my Deborah." Cristina hands them their release papers and tries not to vomit. Deborah advises Cristina to just try and forgive her boyfriend, no matter what he did. "That reaaaaaally feels better than all that anger!" Cristina's like, "Oh, thaaaanks. Uh huh." Jeez.

Bailey checks on Hipster and tells him they haven't forgotten about him, and they'll get him to the OR as soon as possible. Hipster asks about his friend Kendra, and Bailey just shakes her head and says she's sorry. Hipster hangs his head so Bailey won't have to see his tears, but the ever-perceptive Brad has been watching from his bed. He gets up and walks over to Hipster. "I'm gonna get you some time off, man. It's not your fault you got shot...I mean, I didn't pull the trigger. People blame management. We do the best we can, I mean, I do the best I can." Aw, he's actually sorry about something for once in his catlike-quickness life.

Addie apologizes to Webber for what happened earlier that day. Webber tells her she's judged by how she behaves in front of her peers, and sternly tells her to get it together. Addie gets all teary, and says she can't compete. "He's not having an affair, he's not trying to hurt me, it's just...the only people who don't know that Derek loves Meredith are Derek and Meredith. How can I compete with that?" Webber softens, no doubt thinking of his own situation, and takes Addie's hand. Mere starts her voice-over: "So what makes anger different from the six other deadly sins?"

Mere and McDreamy are in the elevator -- again, and alone this time. They steal glances at one another as some sad music starts up. McDreamy starts to speak, then stops himself, and the doors open. MereVO: "It's pretty simple, really. You get into a sin like envy or pride, and you only hurt yourself."

Callie and George are sitting in the locker room, when Callie busts out, "I love you." Oh, SHIT! This is obviously the first time George has been on the receiving end of this situation, and he doesn't know what to do or say. Callie apologizes, and says she's just a moron who had a really bad day. She asks what he's thinking, but Izzie interrupts them before he can answer. "George, I need your help, it's really important!" says our favorite crazy. George looks at Izzie, then back at Callie, and what do you think happens next? If you answered, "He gets up, tells Callie he'll call her later, and follows Izzie," then you would be correct.

Outside the hospital, Mere bursts into McVet's office. He says he didn't know they were supposed to have dinner tonight, but Mere is just there to find out the truth about Doc. McVet says, best-case scenario, Doc has maybe a year left -- and he's not the best case. Mere starts to cry, and McVet hugs her and tells her he's sorry, because he knows how much she loves him. Mere: "I do. I love him so much." How many people think she's not talking about the dog, raise your hand.

George follows Izzie into Denny's room, asking if she needs his help for an EKG. Izzie commands, "No. Come." She turns to Denny and tells him that after she does this, she might have to shock him a few times. "You feeling good?" Denny says he thinks so, even though he's perspiring like a marathoner, and asks her to explain this to him again. George looks on with total confusion as Izzie explains to Denny how his LVAD works, and what the crash cart is for. He's all, "Do what, Izzie?" Izzie ignores this and turns to Denny. "I feel like we should say stuff," she tells him. "Denny, do you wanna say stuff?" Denny just wants her to kiss him, and he says so, and so they do. It's very sweet, even though Izzie is nutso in the klutzo. She asks him if he's ready, and picks up a pair of surgical scissors. George: "Wait, what are you doing?" She's going down like the proverbial shithouse rat, George, what do you think the girl is doing?

We get shots of the Ducks, Bailey scrubbing into surgery, and Brad leaving the hospital as Mere voice-overs, "Try lust or coveting, and you'll only hurt yourself and probably one or two others. But anger? Anger is the worst." Brad makes it through the hospital doors, and as we switch back to an inside shot, gunshots can be heard outside the hospital. Bailey's head jerks around; Neal -- what else? -- ducks behind his fiancée, Deborah, again. Deborah crouches down in front of him: "Okay, we're DONE." Heeee. Bailey runs outside, asking no one in particular if those were gunshots. MereVO tells us that anger is the mother of all sins.

Back in Denny's room, Izzie tells Denny that, if there's some kind of big holy light, to stay out of it. George tries to intervene, and Izzie tells him his job is to make sure nobody comes through that door. Denny looks at Izzie with complete faith as she tells George that she's stopping his heart. "Not only can anger drive you over the edge, but when it does? You can take an awful lot of people with you." Bailey runs outside, where there are two people on the ground. One of them is Brad, who appears to be dead. Cut back to Izzie, who puts the scissors to the LVAD wire. George is rooted to his spot, and he whispers, "Izzie." Back on the sidewalk, we see that the other person on the ground is...Burke. Bailey rushes over to him and yells for help. Burke's eyes are horrifying, staring out at nothing. Izzie says, "It's okay. Burke will be here any minute," and cuts the cord. We hear the flatline sound, and fade out.

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