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Doe, A Deer

Alex heads back to check on Joey, complaining all the way, and when he gets there, he begins yelling at everyone about who took his clamps and bandage scissors. Joey answers by beginning to choke and turning a nice shade of purple. Alex yells for someone to page Bailey as he runs to help him.

Oh, deer. Michael's dad is busy explaining to him where hamburgers come from so that he can understand why making Bambi steaks is best for everyone now. Izzie testily asks, "Can we have the circle-of-life lesson later?" It's actually not a bad call on her part, since Michael hasn't connected the dots yet, and who wants to be there when his happy world of McDonald's is shattered? She examines Bambi, whose heart is failing, and decides to shock her. Michael's dad announces that all of this is "childish and ridiculous." It is, but maybe you could have spoken up back in the ER before any of this started? Izzie wastes one of Bambi's precious few remaining moments of life to declare, "It's not childish to hold onto hope, it's actually hard. Very very hard," and adds that his son wants to believe some things can work out for best. My idea of "best" is if aliens landed right there and whisked all of these people away at one time so we didn't have to deal with kids, dads, Izzie, or the interns again. Izzie asks for the paddles, and when one of the male interns asks what she's doing, Snotty Intern #1 says, "Insuring we never see the inside of an OR this year." Oh, don't make me defend Izzie again, girl -- you kind of need to do what your boss says, especially on your first day on the job. Maybe just a tiny little fissure could form that would suck them all into the center of the earth? That doesn't happen, much to my disappointment; instead Bambi is shocked, and jumps straight up and back to good health. The interns are shocked, Izzie is thrilled, and Michael's dad is disgusted. No venison for you tonight!

While Meredith and Mark work on Nancy, George notes that she's having contractions. These aren't false, though, and the baby starts to arrive at alarming speed. There's no time to call OB/GYN, so George has to get down and do it himself. In about 30 seconds, he's got the biggest, cleanest newborn in the history of the world in his hands, and he takes her away to clean her up while Mark finishes re-attaching Nancy's arm.

In the other McOperating Room, Derek's working on reattaching Henry's spine when Lexie notices, horrified, that Henry's leg has just moved. His anesthesia is light, and while they don't seem worried about him waking up fully, they do need to keep him from moving so he doesn't accidentally kill himself during surgery. Cristina orders Lexie to hold his legs while she gets down in front of him and orders him to not move, since that means he'll die, and his family needs him to live. She informs him that he can't leave the people he loves with just the memory that he loved them. The countdown is on to the "fine" collapse.

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