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Doe, A Deer

While Alex and Bailey are operating on Joey, Callie storms in, guns blazing, to find out why her patient is there without her being notified. Alex starts to answer, but Bailey cuts him off to commend his action, saying that he prioritized and his quick thinking saved Joey's life. Since she can't argue with a patient surviving (though she looks like she wants to), Callie just orders a fully dictated chart from Alex that evening, and leaves. Just then, Bailey pulls the scissors out of his stomach triumphantly and explains that he must have pica, a disorder causing him to eat anything and everything. Alex exclaims that they've just found a buffalo nickel. Richard comes in and tries to sound casual about wanting to see what Bailey was working on, and she glares at him over her mask. When he asks what she's got, she tells him, "Two dollars and thirty-seven cents in change." Yet still no direct order to talk to him. She should just be named Chief of Everything since, to a man, every single person in the hospital is scared of her.

Aw, babies! (Come on, you can't see a montage of newborns without that reaction. You just can't.) George is staring in at them when Lexie comes up and comments on the Cute Festival in front of her. It's another nice little parallel to George's first intern year with another Dr. Grey when they visited the nursery. He dully tells Lexie he just delivered one of those babies. She's terribly impressed, and asks why he's not more excited at himself. Everything he's been keeping in all day pours out as he yells that he's done this before, and it's déjà vu. She gently says that he just happened to not pass the test, and it's no one's fault. He agrees, but mentions everything that had happened -- Callie giving Cristina The Cards, Meredith not writing anything down, the wedding planning, and Izzie. He's tired of being the responsible one, and wants to know when he won't be the guy who repeats his intern year. Lexie says, "But what about you." He heartily agrees.

She quietly tells George that she didn't plan on being in Seattle; she had another internship, "and then, my mother gets the hiccups and I'm at a funeral." George, consider yourself beaten in the Life Is Shit race. She goes on to say everyone has problems. "Moms die, and dads drink so much they don't even know what year they're in..." While I hate Thatcher for leaving Meredith and doing everything he did to her, I now hate him for what he's doing to Lexie too. Who knew a boring little spineless man could do so much damage? Lexie continues about not knowing she even had a sister, and that she'd love to be anywhere but here and to have had her plans work out. "So you change. You get over it. I'm here. Now. And you? You delivered a baby today! So, stop feeling sorry for yourself." There's silence as they both gaze at the babies and finally, George responds. "You." He waits, looking for words. "Are kind of awesome." She agrees. And I've got to admit, so do I. Welcome aboard, Lexie. The camera pulls back and it turns out that Meredith has been watching the exchange, hiding in the doorway.

Back in Joey's surgery, Richard dispatches Alex to get a psych consult and, once he's gone, finally remembers he's the boss and forces Bailey to talk to him. When he says he knows she's angry and disappointed, she cuts him off and corrects him: actually, she is completely speechless that he didn't believe in her. She asserts she would have been excellent, and then, to her surprise, he agrees. But he goes on to tell her that she'll make an even more excellent surgeon. He explains that she should focus on surgery and not on all the red tape, adding, "You'll thank me for this one day." She's thoughtful, but shoots back menacingly, "But not today!"

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