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Doe, A Deer

Derek's erasing his surgery off the board when Mark comes up, so Derek walks away. Mark calls after him that he could use a friend. Derek turns to him and starts to speak, but Mark cuts him off and, in possibly the funniest man-love television moment ever, declares, "I didn't come to Seattle for Addison, I didn't come to Seattle for Chief. I came to Seattle for you, okay? I came to Seattle to get you back." I don't care if this is revisionist history, I'll take it, because after four viewings of the scene, I still crack up. After a moment of abject horror, Derek smiles a bit. Mark admits, "I know, I wanna take it back now but I already said it. So..." They both crack up. The McHotDoctor expression of platonic friendship is already down as one of my favorite moments of the entire series. Derek comments that maybe now they should have a drink, and Mark happily says they could. Derek echoes Bailey, though, when he leaves and yells, "Not today!" I think those two crazy kids might just make it work.

Izzie watches proudly as animal control takes Bambi away. She turns to her interns and tells them that she knows they didn't wake up expecting this, and that instead of doing something cool, they helped a deer. But, lunatic or not, she finally stands up for herself, advising them, "You can bitch and complain about it or you can adjust your expectations. Because like it or not you're stuck with me. And I'm the kind of doctor who lets a little kid convince her she can do the impossible. Oh, plus, when I woke up this morning I thought today was going to go a lot differently too. I thought I was gonna get the good interns. Instead, I get stuck with the duds. So I have to adjust my expectations as well." Ignoring the belief-in-the-impossible schlock in the middle, I love this Izzie. I miss this Izzie!

Henry's family heads in to the ICU to visit them, and Cristina turns from her paperwork to watch them. I know this is supposed to be Cristina's moment of personal crisis, but I'm just relieved that Henry is alive.

When George walks in to the locker room, all of the interns stare after him. He turns to demand what's up, and someone says with awe, "We heard you delivered a baby today!" Lexie adds, "On your very first day as an intern," with enough emphasis to get through to George, but not so much that it sounds strange to the others. They all begin to ask him what it was like, including my favorite question, "Did your head just explode with the amazingness?" He smiles, and with one more reminder from Lexie that this is his first day, he turns his frown upside down and begins to answer questions, explaining a procedure and basking in his accomplishment. I would just love it if it turns out that Lexie is there to give each of these guys a good smack upside the head for some perspective.

There's a shot of someone carrying a plastic bag of something in a dark hall, and for a moment, it's a little too much like a horror movie set-up. We see Cristina sitting on a bed against the window, and Alex joins her, carrying a gigantic bag of change which he got from his patient's stomach. When she can't muster up any emotion ever a disgusting medical find, he knows something is wrong, and sits next to her. After a quiet moment, he tells her, "I miss Rebecca." It's what she's needed, and after a moment she quietly adds, "I miss Burke." In the only way he knows how to comfort someone, Alex hands over the bag. "Want some money?" It's an awesomely quiet and touching moment for the two unlikely bedfellows. (As it were.)

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