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Doe, A Deer

Mere begins her VO. "Change." Get it? Get it? It was a bag of change? Hardy har har. "We don't like it, we fear it." Bailey leaves the hospital looking amazing in a white coat, and passes Callie sitting dejectedly on a bench. After a moment she demands to know if Bailey wants to humiliate her some more. "Because I get it. I suck at my job, I suck as a wife, I suck all the way around." Bailey doesn't bite, just replies, "Hope tomorrow's better." Lexie needs to turn up as the Honesty Sprite and tell Callie to get back to being an awesome, confident doctor, and to not beat herself up for marrying into a hellaciously conceived love triangle. Then maybe we get Awesome Callie back, too.

VO: "But we can't stop it from coming." Mere gets out of the elevator in an equally awesome blue version of Bailey's coat. Lexie is off to one side and calls her name, and Meredith turns and stares. On her other side, Derek calls her name too. She stands for a moment looking like she might just run out the door, but then turns towards Derek and walks away holding his hand. He glances back apologetically at Lexie. VO: "We either adapt to change or we get left behind." In this case, it's kind of both. The two are in the on-call room, and Meredith looks down and stutters until Derek tells her, not unkindly, "You're not ready for this." She's not. He adds, "I asked for too much." Quietly she adds, "I think so." And he answers sadly, but matter-of-factly, "So this is it." Mere: "Yeah." He says, "We're breaking up."

VO: "It hurts to grow. Anyone who tells you it doesn't is lying." Derek moves closer to her and they have some awkward moments as they each lean towards, then pull away from each other. It's hotter than they've been in months of being a couple. He leans in and touches her hair, then says gently that it's a breakup kiss. They kiss, and then after a fantastically hot moment decide to have breakup sex, and grab at each other's clothes. Mere's voice-over adds appropriately, "But here's the thing. The more things change, the more they stay the same."

A doorbell sounds and Izzie, eating peanut butter from the jar, comes to the door and turns on the light. George is on the porch, and a shocked Izzie opens the door. Meredith VO: "And sometimes, oh sometimes, change is good." To my absolute horror, George declares, "I love you, too." Meredith adds, "Sometimes, change. Is. Everything." Izzie just stares, dumbstruck, and the screen goes black. Make it stop! Make the lambs stop screaming!

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