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Doe, A Deer

Deer surgery. Well, no surgery yet. Izzie's giving the stats of the patient, much to the disgust of her interns. Dad of the Year says his son, Michael, is a big boy who doesn't need her to do make-believe medicine. Over his son's protests, he apologizes for wasting Izzie's time and gets a "no kidding" from one of the interns. Izzie may be a loon, but I hate her interns even more right now. Lunatic dud or not, shouldn't they be keeping their rude comments in check in front of a superior? Especially on the first day? Michael's dad continues to explain how they'll take the deer home, skin her, and freeze the meat. Even though I realize this is the accepted method, it still sounds a little cruel to announce this to a kid after he's been interacting with the live animal for, presumably, at least a couple of hours now. Dad finally yells, "You don't try and save them, you eat them!" There's mayhem: the boy is shrieking, Izzie thinks maybe she can save the deer, and then the dad grumbles, perturbed, that the boy needs to grow up and face things. Naturally, as Izzie is an expert in not facing things, she seems to make up her mind to listen to Michael's pleas, and yells, "You're right, I'm not helping him. I'm helping Bambi!" She yells for more supplies, and Michael thanks her.

Meredith's working on cleaning up Nancy's arm when Cristina moseys in and Meredith gets territorial, shooing her away from the stray appendage. They talk about their significant others -- even though Cristina is searching high and low for Burke, she claims she doesn't care if she never sees him again. Meredith tells Cristina about how awkward it was to see Derek and to find out he knows Lexie. Cristina is appropriately horrified, proving again what an awesome friendship these two have, and they take a moment to ponder the weirdness of it all. Izzie comes in announcing she's trying to save Bambi, mentions her hateful interns, and then exclaims delightedly over the arm. Alex then storms in as well, declaring that Callie is a bitch, and also exclaims over the arm, to the delight of Izzie. There's some deer talk, and then George sticks his head in. In a very generous moment on her part, Cristina tries to involve him in the arm admiration and gossip, but as some of said gossip is that they hate his wife, he merely reports that Mark is ready for the arm, and heads out. Alex takes the moment to comment on how hot the interns are, especially Lexie, and he's thrown out of the room. As he goes, he announces he's going over Callie's head to Bailey. Cristina points out that Callie's the one over Bailey's head, actually, but Meredith counters, "Spiritually, Bailey's over everyone's head." I don't think it's just spiritual, given that the Chief of Surgery has been so scared of her all day. That's some awesome power harnessed in a tiny body right there.

Speaking of, Richard finds Bailey and tries to engage her in conversation. He tells her it's not like her to not want to talk, so she marvelously turns the tables on him and asks about his wife. This helps us, the viewing audience, to learn that Adele isn't taking Richard's calls and hasn't let him move back home yet. Realizing he got distracted, he yells at her to talk. But when she asks if he's ordering her to talk, he says no, so she says goodbye.

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