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Doe, A Deer

Stairwell! This must mean that we're going to see some overwrought, emotional exchange. And boy is it ever, as Izzie runs into George and demands to know why he's avoiding her. She reminds him that she said she loved him and that he hasn't said a word since. I think that's because you'd already talked about how you weren't going to pursue each other and because he's MARRIED, Izzie. But instead of remembering these key things, she has the gall to get angry at him and demands to know where he's been. He shoots back, "I've been right here, exactly where I was a year ago." And again with why I hate this pairing. Yeah, he's having a hard day, but he could have also pointed out he was with his wife, trying to salvage his marriage. But then these two wouldn't be the most revolting star-crossed lovers on television, would they?

Izzie shouts that they're all having a hard day -- for instance, on her first day she's "obsessed with rescuing Bambi." It's a poor choice of words; while he expects it of Cristina, he's disgusted and hurt that Izzie would call him that. It's both a nice little piece of continuity, illustrating what a horrible situation he's in, and horrifying, because I really hope the writers didn't invent an entire Izzie-deer storyline just so the non-lovers could have this misunderstanding. Izzie loses it in response to the accusation, and yells, "I'm Bambi, George! If anyone in this situation is a sad little cartoon character, it's me. I'm all alone in the forest! And my mother's been shot by a hunter, and where are you? Where the hell are you?" He just says he's on his way to surgery, and leaves. She seems to think she's entitled to have all this attitude, but I absolutely don't understand it. Also, what the hell did that analogy even mean? I get the alone part, and the pathetic little creature part kind of fits, though I think I see her that way for different reasons than she does. This is the exact moment where I can say that this whole storyline has officially beaten me. I don't understand anything anymore.

Mark and Derek are scrubbing in for their surgeries, and Mark sincerely tells Derek that he's really up for a drink if Derek needs to talk. When Derek asks what he would talk about, Mark says Meredith, as if it's totally obvious. He then goes on in a buddy-cheer-up tone that Meredith jerked him around and he's lucky to be out of it. But Derek's reaction is the opposite of what he expected as he says that Mark has no idea what he's talking about. Mark explains that he just thought Derek could use a friend, but it's too late, and Derek turns on him angrily. "Meredith's mother never wanted her. And her father was never man enough to hang around. She has a right to be damaged. And us, together? It's a big step for her. Her best friend gets left at the altar and all she sees now is things like this, they don't work. She panics, she wants this, she doesn't know how to have it, and you know what? That's not her fault. So never talk to me about Meredith Grey again because you do NOT know what you're talking about." He then mumbles, "You're not a real friend," as he goes into surgery. Mark looks kind of hurt. I'd offer to comfort him myself, but I'm too busy scraping my jaw off the floor at hearing that Derek finally understands Meredith and isn't being an asshole about it. There's no whining or feeling sorry for himself, there's just defending the woman he loves even though it looks like they're not going to make it work. That speech might just have earned him back the "McDreamy" moniker.

Crowds of people are in the OR, most looking at the arm. Meredith is with Nancy, who absolutely loses it when they're about to put her under, crying that she's not ready. She tells Mere she's not okay with being alone anymore, and grabs Meredith's arm and cries that she's scared. Meredith holds onto her and tells her soothingly that she thinks Nancy's brave. "It's much better to be alone and a success than in a relationship and feel like a failure all the time, right?" Nancy calms down, saying that's what she thinks, and Meredith tells her they'll take care of her arm now and the rest later. Uh-oh, Derek -- this doesn't look good for your romantic future.

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