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Mere walks off, and Cristina joins her, saying that she wants in on the Shepherd surgery, so does Mere wanna team up with her and work together on the case? Mere says she'll work with her, but she doesn't want in on the surgery because she doesn't want to spend any more time with Shepherd than necessary. Cristina thinks she's nuts, and why doesn't Mere want to spend time with Shepherd? Mere ignores the question and they get to work on the case.

In the medical library, the girls go over the possible causes of the seizures. They rule out several diagnoses as Cristina tries to get to the bottom of why Mere won't hang out with Shepherd. "Just tell me," says Cristina. "You can't comment, make a face, or react in any way," says Meredith. Cristina puts a blank look on her face. "We had sex," says Meredith. Cristina does her best not to react. "What about an aneurysm?" she asks, returning to the case. Meredith rules that out, along with pregnancy and trauma. "Was he good?" asks Cristina. "I mean...he looks like it'd be good...was it any good?" Hee. Meredith gets up and says they're out of answers. She wants to know what happens if Katie dies. "This is gonna sound really bad," says Cristina, "but I really wanted that surgery." Heh. Cristina says the things that everyone else only thinks. That's why I love her.

Mere says that if Katie dies, her sole reason for human existence will have been attempting to be Miss Teen Whatever. "Do you know what her talent is?" "They have talent?" snits Cristina. "Rhythmic gymnastics," says Mere. They both laugh at this and wonder what the hell rhythmic gymnastics even is. Suddenly, Meredith gets a look on her face. Light dawns on yonder blonde. Cristina asks her what's up and Mere orders her to get up and come with her. They run down a hall and find Shepherd, just as he's about to get on an elevator.

"Dr. Shepherd!" calls Cristina, stopping him. "Katie competes in beauty pageants!" "I know that," says Shepherd, "but we have to save her life anyway." Baddump bump! Thank you! Goodnight, everybody! Dr. Shecky Shepherd will be here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitresses! Cristina runs through Katie's symptoms and clean scans and then says, "There's no medical proof of an aneurysm, but what if she has an aneurysm anyway?" Shepherd doesn't think she has one. Cristina says she twisted her ankle practicing. "She fell," says Meredith. "When she twisted her ankle, she fell." "It was no big deal, not even a bump on the head," says Cristina. Mere and Cristina seem to think that the fall caused an aneurysm. Shepherd thinks the chances of this happening are one in a million, so he lets the doors close on their enthusiasm. They start to walk away, just as the doors open back up and Shepherd gets off and says, "Let's go." "Where?" asks Cristina. "To find out if Katie's one in a million," he responds. They all run off.

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