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Burke shoves George out of the way, and George says, "Bet you missed a lot when you were first starting out." Burke just turns and scoffs at him. Heh. I have a feeling Burke missed approximately NOTHING when he was starting out. He just smiles and says, "You and I are gonna have SO much fun together." Hee. We switch back to Mere and the Great Big Mouth of Nothingness as Katie reveals that she twisted her ankle in her rhythmic gymnastics rehearsal when she tripped over her ribbon. But, even then, she didn't get stuck with someone as clueless as Meredith, and that was a NURSE. Meredith shoves her in a broom closet and goes off to get drunk and sleep with some more of her superiors. Or she just keeps rolling along in search of the CT scan room.

Cafeteria. Hour Seven. The Medicine Crüe are attempting to sneak in a bite of lunch. Well, everyone but Izzie. She can't eat on account of the hairy butthole visions dancing in her head. She states that Bailey hates her, and George one ups her by saying that she only has residents hating her; he has ATTENDINGS hating him. Apropos of nothing, Cristina pipes up that Meredith's "inbred" and that her mother is Ellis Grey. Izzie's stunned. George has no idea who they're talking about. Apparently, Meredith's mom invented the "Grey Method," whatever that is. Cristina and Izzie continue to crow over Dr. Mom as George defends his lack of knowledge of her. Cristina says that she'd not only kill to be Ellis Grey's daughter, she'd kill to be Ellis Grey. Frankly, Cristina would kill to be a sponge holder in a liposuction procedure at this point. I mean, really.

Mere walks up at that moment, and everyone kind of shuts up about her mom. "Katie Bryce is a pain in the ass," says Mere, sitting down in a huff. "If I hadn't taken the Hippocratic Oath, I'd Kevorkian her with my bare hands." Heh. It's a testament to the far-reaching tendrils of Dr. Kevorkian that Word's spell check doesn't even blink at that name. "Izzie" it has a problem with, but "Kevorkian"? Not so much. Everyone kind of stares at Meredith as if she's a bad little demon with a tail coming out of her ass, and Burke walks up to break the awkward silence with his announcement that the intern has been chosen to perform the rumored first shift procedure. And that intern is none other than...George O'Malley. He's scrubbing in for an appendectomy that afternoon. Burke leaves and George shudders, "Did...he say me?" Everyone wisely ignores him.

Burke runs into Bailey near a nurse's station, and she chastises him for picking O'Malley, especially since George barely made the cut to get into the program in the first place. Burke declares that O'Malley is his guy. Bailey says that every year, Burke's "guy" suffers more than any other intern. "Terrorize one, and the others fall into line," says Burke, walking off. "I get it!" says Bailey, trailing along after him. "I respect it! But George O'Malley is a puppy!" Hee. He sure is. A puppy with a wounded paw and an inferiority complex.

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