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Young Doctors in Lust

Katie's parents show up in her room and Mere informs them that Katie's (thankfully) sedated for the CT scan, so she's a little groggy. The parents start asking questions like, is their daughter going to be alright, is she going to need an operation, what kind of operation, etc. Meredith starts to answer, but then stops, thinking she'd better find someone more qualified to give them the answers they're seeking. She scrambles out of the room and runs to get Bailey. She tells her that the parents have questions so should she answer them or go get Burke? Bailey distractedly tells her that Burke is off the case and that Katie's new doctor is the dude standing across the way, a Doctor...lemme see here...ah, yes. Doctor Shepherd. Gulp.

Meredith looks across the room and sees none other than Derek "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know" Shepherd, her drunken paramour from the night before. Derek looks down at his chart, looks up, looks down, snaps back up when he realizes it's her, and, before she can escape, he's across the room and down the hall faster than you can say "Don't shit where you eat." He grabs her and pulls her into a stairwell. Meredith looks around for other people and sharply addresses him as "Dr. Shepherd." Derek's all, "Dr. Shepherd? This morning it was Derek." Meredith thinks they should act like it never happened. "Like what never happened?" he says with a slightly sexy smile. "You sleeping with me last night or you throwing me out this morning? Because both are fond memories I'd like to hold onto." Heh.

Meredith's pissed. She wants no memories. No memories at all. "This can't happen," she says. "You know that, right?" "You took advantage of me," he smiles. "I was drunk and good-looking and you took advantage." Meredith's laughing in spite of herself. "Okay, I was the one who was drunk and you are not that good-looking." Oh, yes he is. He's all, okay, maybe I'm not that good-looking now (yes you are), but last night? Last night I was hot! I had on my red shirt; the one that makes me look like I don't have a wife living in New York! "You took advantage!" he says again. "Want to take advantage again? Friday night?" "No," says Meredith, clearly meaning "yes." "You're an attending," she continues, "and I'm an intern. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT." "Like what?" he asks. "Like you've seen me naked!" He tosses that trademark grin at her and looks like he's about to kiss her and she stops him with a, "Dr. Shepherd! This is inappropriate!" It sure as hell is. DO IT ANYWAY. She walks off in a huff and he sighs adorably at her retreating back.

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