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We move to the OR where George is reciting "How to Remove an Appendix in Twenty Moves or Less" to himself over in the corner. The rest of the interns are perched up in the peanut gallery, taking bets on whether or not George is going to fail miserably or succeed fabulously. The bets seem to be hedging toward the former, not the latter. The only person on George's side seems to be Meredith, who thinks that George possibly has the goods to actually perform an appendectomy without passing out. Meredith also believes in the Easter Bunny and men who aren't afraid of commitment. Mere says, "That's one of us down there. The first one of us. Where's your loyalty?" The rest of the oh-so-jaded interns just eat their Snickers bars and laugh silently at Molly McRoseColoredGlasses over there. "Seventy-five says he can't even ID the appendix," says Cristina. "I'll take that action," says Izzie. Heh.

Burke enters the room and tells George to get this surgery started. George holds out his hand and asks for a scalpel, which the nurse hands to him. Everyone in the peanut gallery erupts into applause. Hee. Yes, it's funny to us watching it, but I certainly hope the person having their appendix removed isn't having an out-of-body experience right now. Burke gives the interns the sign to knock it off, and they simmer down. Cristina looks at Burke and says under her breath, "That Burke is trouble." Cristina will later eat these words when Burke demands to know whether they're just sleeping together or if it's something more. George continues with his procedure and manages to get the appendix out rather easily. Then Burke tells him to invert the stump into the secum. I have no idea what this means, but it doesn't matter because George fucks it up and rips the secum and the cavity's filling with stool. Ew. I hate when that happens. George panics as Burke starts throwing questions at him. The patient's blood pressure starts to drop and George just...freezes. Burke finally steps in, telling George, "Get out of the way, you pansy-ass idiot!" George steps away and looks up at the gallery. "He's a 007," says Alex. "Yep, total 007," agrees another intern. "What's '007' mean?" asks Izzie. "License to kill," explains Meredith.

Hour Nineteen. The Medicine Crüe is hanging out in the Hallway of Commiseration as George whines that everyone's calling him 007. "No one's calling you 007," says Mere and Izzie together, totally unconvincingly. George whines some more about someone in an elevator whispering "007" and how he knew it was about him, and Cristina leaps off her gurney and says, "How many times do we have to go through this? Five? Ten? Gimme a number or else I'm gonna hit you." Hee. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love her. She walks off as George continues to moan. Cristina visits the vending machines as she says that 007 is a state of mind. "This says the girl who graduated first in her class at Stanford," bleeds George. Good God, man. So now her graduation stats somehow effect you? Shut up, you pissy-pants.

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