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Mere's beeper goes off for a 911 for Katie Bryce, so she runs out of the room. "Maybe I shoulda gone into geriatrics," muffles George. "No one minds when you kill an old person." Uh, the old person's FAMILY might disagree with you, General Whiney-Face. "Surgery is hot," says Cristina. "It's the Marines. It's macho. It's hostile. It's hardcore. Geriatrics is for freaks who live with their mothers and never have sex." George looks down at the floor. "I have gotta get my own place." Hee. Or you could just move in with Meredith and never have sex while pining after the one woman in the world who couldn't care less about you. Just a thought.

Mere slams through the hall toward Katie's room, only when she gets there, she's not greeted by Katie's dead body. Katie's alive and well and wondering why it took so damn long for Meredith to get there. Katie, I'm not going to tell you again. Go into a seizure immediately, or I shall be forced to make you eat your medical chart. "Wait, there's nothing wrong with you?" gasps Mere. "I'm bored," says Katie. She then starts yammering about the pageant and how she wants to see it on the TV but the hospital doesn't get the channel it's on, and she wants Mere to call someone about this terrible inconvenience. Mere starts to lecture her on how this is a hospital and not a Celebrity Cruise and that she should go to sleep and stop bothering everyone. "But I can't sleep," says Katie. "My head's all full." "That's called 'thinking'," snaps Mere. "Go with it." She leaves, and Katie's already-full head starts to fill some more with that stuff that makes you have seizures.

Meanwhile, Bailey's passed out on a gurney, and Izzie's standing motionless in the hallway, just staring at her. A male nurse watches this and finally asks Izzie if she needs something. Izzie needs to start a central line on a patient, but she doesn't know how to. "I've never done one," says Izzie. "Well, you know what that means!" says the nurse cheerfully as he shoots a glance at the sleeping Bailey. Heh. Izzie sucks it up and moves over to wake Bailey. Needless to say, Bailey is not pleased with the waking up thing. Izzie turns to walk away, but she comes back and clears her throat and Bailey and her hilarious bed head finally sit up and say, "WHAT IS IT?" Next thing we know, Bailey's performing the central line on the patient and glaring at Izzie. "Next time you wake me, he better be so close to dead there's a tag on his toe."

Down in the OR, Alex "Is that the syphilis that's burning, or are you just happy to see me?" Karev is giving lip to a nurse. He's telling her to give a patient antibiotics and she's questioning his diagnosis. "Well, I don't know," he snots at her. "I'm only an intern. Here's an idea: why don't you spend four years in med school and then let me know if it's the right diagnosis?" Ouch. If I were that nurse, I'd be spiking his juiceboxes with rat poison. He snaps that the patient is short of breath and has a fever and this means that she's got pneumonia, so the nurse should start the antibiotics. He walks over to Meredith and says, "God, I hate nurses." Alex introduces himself and says he's with one of the other residents. Meredith ignores his introduction and just says that the patient may not have pneumonia; she could be splinting or have a pulmonary embolus. "Like I said," says Alex, "I hate nurses." Meredith's incredibly insulted. "What'd you just say? Did you just call me a nurse?" "Well, if the white cap fits..." he retorts. Okay, A) he knows she's an intern, so this insult just makes him look stupid and B) nurses rock, so as an insult, it's relatively lame. Shut up, Karev.

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