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Mere's beeper saves her from having to kick Karev's ass, and she saunters off to go check in on Katie again, some more. She's pretty much over Katie's shit, however, so she doesn't even bother to run, as Bailey's rule instructed she should. George walks up, and Alex asks if Mere is seeing anybody. George doesn't know, but he hopes he'll be first in line when she starts auditioning boyfriends! Alex declares that Mere is hot, which I don't see and never have, quite frankly, and George says that they're friends. They're buds. They're tight. They hang. Why just this morning-- "Dude," sneers Alex. "Just stop talking." Hee. Thank you, Alex. I recant my request for you to shut up. Carry on.

Mere sees a commotion outside Katie's room and she picks up the pace. A nurse questions why it took her so long to get there. Because she's sick of Katie's shit, dude, that's why. Another nurse says that Katie's having grand mal seizures and asks how Mere wants to proceed. Mere's totally stunned. "Dr. Grey!" the nurse says. "Dr. Grey, you need to tell us what you want to do! Dr. Grey!" Mere's lost to the world. Finally, she wakes up and grabs Katie's chart. After confirming that the drug she's on is not working and that both Bailey and Shepherd have been paged, Mere orders the nurses to load Katie with Phenobarbital. This causes no change in Katie's seizures and Mere again asks if Shepherd's been paged. The nurses are getting frustrated with Mere's lack of wherewithal.

While Mere's daydreaming of Shepherd arriving and saving her ass, Katie starts to flatline. Code blue. The nurses leap into action and roll over the crash cart. Mere grabs the paddles and is about to put them on Katie when a wise nurse stops her so she can put that jelly stuff on them first. What? I'm no doctor. It's that jelly stuff. Whatever. Mere puts the paddles on Katie's chest and hollers "Clear!" but nothing happens. She does it again. Nothing. She orders the nurse to charge to 360, but still nothing happens. It's been sixty seconds. A nurse tells Mere that at sixty seconds, she's supposed to admin another drug. Mere ignores him and tries the paddles again and, miraculously, Katie gets a pulse. Saved by the paddles, eh, Meredith?

Shepherd careens in and asks what the hell is going on. Mere informs him of the seizure and heart stopping stuff. Derek's pissed and says that Mere was supposed to be monitoring Katie. Mere says she checked on her and she was fine. "I got her," snaps Derek. "Just...just go." Damn. So much for the "taking advantage" idea, huh? Meredith slinks off and runs into Bailey in the hall. Bailey bitches at her for not paging her immediately when she got the 911, and Meredith ignores her and walks out into the rain as Cristina follows. Meredith vomits next to a tree, then walks past Cristina and says, "You tell anyone, ever..." Cristina just watches her go back inside.

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