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Teddy and Richard are in a meeting about Henry, and Teddy is appalled that the only thing they are offering is to give him a medic alert bracelet, and she thinks that if they wait until he has a medical crisis to treat him he'll die. However, she's interrupted by Bailey who runs in and breathlessly tells Richard that if they remove the drains on day three instead of five, they can reduce fistulas by 30%. Everyone is staring at her with their mouths hanging open and she's too excited to notice that she just ran into a rather tense meeting. Instead she tells them all how she was going to write Eli up until she realized that he actually was doing the right thing. She leaves the files for Richard to review and beams at him before finally realizing that they are in a meeting, at which point she turns and literally dances out of the room after she introduces herself to the board as the doctor who "cured fistula."

Out at the lake, Cristina and Derek have brought the boat back to the dock where a fisherman is weighing a positively enormous trout. Cristina looks like a little kid who needs to use the bathroom, jumping around uncomfortably, clearly excited but also totally not sure of herself since she's so far out of her element. Sandra Oh seriously does an amazing job of conveying just how hard it is for Cristina to do anything about which she isn't 100% educated and prepared. It turns out her trout weights 28 pounds, and a very excited Derek hustles her over and places the flapping fish in her arms so they can take a picture. He goes and stands with the fisherman, who is waiting with a Polaroid camera, and as they watch Cristina she looks up at the sky, her lip trembles, and she starts to cry. The fisherman is pretty alarmed at the situation but Derek orders him to take the picture and says basically to himself, "We're gonna want to remember this." Cristina finally smiles as tears roll down her cheeks, and as the guy hands Derek the picture Cristina closes her eyes and turns her face up to the sun as she takes a giant, deep breath. Having finally let something out, she smiles to herself; Derek smiles at her like a proud father.

Meredith wheels Trina in to see her husband, who is still unconscious and on a ventilator. Trina is understandably terrified and Owen warns her that the next 24 hours are crucial -- when she asks for confirmation that he'll recover, Owen carefully just tells her to take it one day at a time. She's afraid to touch him, but when Meredith notices she gently assures her that while all she can see is the machines and the damage, her husband is still in there. Trina takes his hand, while Owen looks at Mere and thinks about how amazingly this parallels what's going on with them and Cristina. Meredith looks back but she's still pretty pissed.

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