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Speaking of Joe's, Lexie walks in to meet Mark and shuffles up to him like she's heading to the guillotine. Before he can say anything she launches into a speech about how unfair this is to both of them because nothing between them has changed, but Mark recalls the story Trina told about her husband and so he grabs her and kisses her. Mere starts to voiceover about healing at one's own pace. When Mark pulls away Lexie looks almost drunk as she tries to absorb what happened. But when Jackson tries to cut in with the promised fake medical emergency, Lexie brushes him off and goes back to kissing Mark. Poor Jackson is pretty bummed by this turn of events, but Lexie seems to be coming around to the idea of her and Mark again.

Cristina gets back to her firehouse sweet firehouse carrying a cooler, and informs Owen that they now have 21 pounds of trout. Yum? Owen's super gentle as he asks how her day was, and she finally just tells him casually, "It was good," before putting her picture up on the fridge and staring at it a while. Seriously, there is some major disconnect going on here and Owen's got to figure out some new approach because this one just feels like he and Cristina are friendly roommates.

At Resident Mansion, Derek and Mere are in bed together, and Mere asks him if he thinks Cristina is going to be okay. He does, but when she asks if he thinks Cristina will ever be a surgeon again, he admits he doesn't know. He must be done talking about Cristina, too, because he rolls over away from Meredith and goes to sleep, while Mere contemplates life to a completely melancholy version of Silent Night.

With Alex in surgery, Callie goes back to the apartment and is having a glass of wine when there's a knock at the door that she assumes is Mark sans housekeys. When she opens the door, though, she's facing Arizona. Seriously, how is it that it's only ever once you've truly given up hope that the person will appear on your doorstep, that the person then appears on your doorstep? Because this is Grey's, Arizona launches immediately into a slightly meandering speech that boils down to this: she was doing incredible work in Africa but was crying all of the time because she missed Callie, and when offered the opportunity to go home and have another doc take her place, she accepted and came back. Callie can do nothing but stare, and seems to be having trouble processing what's going on as Arizona babbles away. When she's done with her story there's a moment of silence, and Arizona finally tells Callie she looks really pretty. That's finally enough for Callie, who closes the door in her face. Mere VOs that if you can get through recovery and believe that you can heal, you can get your life back. "But that's a big 'if'."

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