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Back at the Home for Wayward Residents, Meredith is staring at Cristina while Cristina stares at the floor. Owen is standing behind his wife like a parent dropping off a child for a playdate, and after a moment of uncomfortable silence offers to help Derek take everything out to the car. After another moment Cristina turns to go but Mere calls after her, and it seems like maybe these two are finally going to talk again for the first time in quite a while. But Mere chickens out and can only finally sputter that there's no bathrooms out in the wilderness. Cristina says she knows but while she still seems rather beaten down, she seems less angry than she has in a couple of weeks, at least marginally.

At the hospital, Bailey and Richard are already well into a surgery and have Jackson, April and Lexie watching; Lexie can't stop exclaiming about how cool it is that they're removing someone's gall bladder through their mouth. I agree that it's really cool and minimally invasive, yet at the same time the idea makes me gag. Bailey asks her how badly she wants to do this type of surgery herself, and Lexie compares it to how much she wanted a pony when she was a little girl. Bailey announces that she's going to run a contest -- each of them has been researching a different protocol to try and eliminate fistulas, but she doesn't think they are getting their results fast enough. So the one with the fewest post-op complications is going to get to pull their own gall bladder out through a mouth. As she's said this she and Richard have been pulling what looks like a standard-issue garden hose out of this poor dude's throat, and after a number of pulls they get to the end which is holding a nasty, green, plastic-looking but still revolting gall bladder. April immediately asks to be excused and after a moment to comprehend what she's doing, Lexie and Jackson ask the same and they all run out. Richard compliments Bailey on being a mad genius but she's not ready to accept the title yet since she hasn't actually rid the world of fistulas.

Having sent their significant others off on their adventure, Meredith and Owen go to work and wind up in the elevator together, slightly uncomfortable. Teddy joins them and asks how Cristina is doing but when Owen says she's fine, Meredith smirks and announces that she's fishing. She gets the horrified reaction that she was looking for, but when Teddy asks why, Meredith just tells her to ask Owen and then sweeps off the elevator at the next stop. Owen's pretty ticked and asks Teddy if she has a better idea -- she doesn't, but... fishing, dude -- before leaving in a huff. Teddy slumps against the elevator wall and then notices the attractive patient (played by Scott Foley) (Henry, as he's known on the show, but which I don't think is said until much later) in a wheelchair who asks her how he looks, as he's about to propose to his girlfriend. She tells him she'd be a fool to say no, wishes him good luck, and then his minder wheels him off to pop the question.

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